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HTC EVO 4GYou know that I have a HTC EVO 4G, and I have mentioned about it on many occasions on this blog, right? My significant other gave it to me when I was at home doing the mommy thing with Trinity. It was so much more interesting than getting a diamond ring. Yet, do not forget these two cliche's about diamonds "diamonds are forever, and so it represents his love" and "diamonds are girls' best friends and girls wear them well."
The difference is I don't have to do anything with diamonds and HTC EVO is a learning experience, which is just as valuable if not more to me given my lifestyle at the time. If you are familiar with the HTC EVO phone, I have good news to share, and at a fantastic savings to knock your sock off.

Currently, Sprint is having a 3-day sale, from December 12 to December 14 on Android™ powered EVO 4G devices, this includes the EVO Shift. The market prices for these Android phones are listed at $400 to $500 dollars for each. Right now, you can get these 4G phones for free with 2-year contract agreement. On top of that, your activation fees are waived on all new lines, and free shipping also.

Add up the math, and you will see that you will be able to save more than $500 on each line. Whoever receiving this gift will be the luckiest person this Holiday, and will enjoy the unlimited everything plan on the 4G network. This unlimited plan does not drop to 3G after you have reached a certain band width, or get charged if you go over.

The unlimited everything plan includes text messaging, calls to any US mobile number, and web. I love my HTC EVO 4G since I can get many things done while waiting to pick up the kids at various functions. I am sure you will love it too.

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  1. That's a seriously cool deal!
    We aren't ready yet for the smartphone though.
    For some reason my blood isn't pointed in that direction just yet.

  2. Dustin will love it. I recommend this phone to everyone. I love it!


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