Thursday Two Questions #63- My Mother The Majestic Mermaid

pink majestic mermaidMy Mother The Majestic Mermaid
From today on, I am going to live a fantasy of what I thought my mother was like given how I had turned out. So eventually pieces of me will define the mysterious made believe mother of mine. First and far most obvious I am going to rationalize my love for seafood. For me to be so CRAZY about seafood my mom must have been a mermaid. The Majestic Mermaid, kind-hear-ted mermaid, not like those wicked mermaid vampires in Pirates of the Caribbean.

She, being the majestic mermaid, luring beauty of the sea who liked to explore and curious of the world above water, is a human stalker. My father, who is a hard working man and the first born had caring responsibilities for his promiscuous mother and mentally challenged younger brothers, was one of her victims. They met on a breezy summer night, and he had learn guitar to impressed her.

This small time business man slept less than 5 hours each night and was normally up past midnight. He was always the last one to leave the peer, but that was just the way The Majestic Mermaid hoped for every night. The Majestic Mermaid took peaks at him while cupid pierced her heart. She watched the chiseled faced young man hard at work. Being sympathetic to his determination, she brought him precious dinners and disappeared before he could see her.

She was never in-love, she accepts his friendship and grew fond of him out of pure pity. She did what she thought was humane. For two years, their interactions became increasingly often and intense each time. They now have spent intimate time together...and she pregnant with me...would devour crabs and shellfish like mad since she isn't into eating her sister species...the fishes.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #63
1) Going by the way you've turned out now; personality, likes, dislikes. Have you ever thought about how mother must have been when she was carrying you?
2) Did she ever tell you how it was and does it align with the way you are today?

Thursday Two Questions----

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  1. Your story would make an intriguing movie. My mom was just 15 when she became pregnant for me. She was the baby of her family and in some ways grew up with my sister and I. She was great. I admire her in so many ways for the strength, playfulness and compassion she shared with us and for being strong enough to stand up to Dad who was 7 years older than her, but many times she lost that battle. She was only human.

  2. A very interesting question and something I have never thought about. She would have had to have been a very adventurous person who liked to try new things. She would have had a book in one hand and a tool box in the other.

    From what my mother told me about that time she was nothing like that. But then I was always a daddy's girl so that's where my traits came from.

  3. Well now, I have been thinking about this last night, after reading your story, and still I can't find any traits of me that represents my mother.

    I have to dig deeper inside of me as I will have plenty of time on my hands while sitting in the dentist office waiting, and will think about it more. For now, the answer to your second question is no.

  4. Your story of mermaid has some what of a metamorphosis like my July's Wind. Ha, have you been in my brain lately? I think we are both trying to escape the reality..

  5. My mum was abt 29 when she had me. They wanted a boy but it turned out girl.. I guess that's why I'm more tom boyish.

  6. 1. I shall ask her. I think she was very angry and depressed and too alone with herself. Always feeling unloved, undone, simple, not worthy.

    I say that because I feel this in me and I do not know how else to explain it. Because I know the other side of me that is happy and carefree and joyful all the time.

    2. She did tell me some of the circumstances and how my father walked away from her pregnant, but she didn't tell me how she was as a person during all that time.

    Very good one. Off to visit the others.


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