Thursday Two Questions #60 - Are You Shy Timid Quiet

shy timid quiet amine girlI was quiet from 5-25 years old.
My elementary school friends saw hanging out with me had a purpose. Embracing diversity at that time was a big deal. They received props from the teachers to include me.

During my teen years, making friends was a huge struggle. No one liked to talk to a quiet person who is also so “different.” I joined Distribution Marketing. The work / study program was one of the best things I had fought for myself. I was able to get out of school a couple of hours early and received four credits for two years. Yippee!!!

Life was good at work, every day I so looked forward to getting out of school for it, until our store brought in a new manager. He was talkative and annoying! Always tried to make me talk, smile and act as if I had won a trophy for being the front cashier. No matter how much I battled to convince him I was happy. I know he didn’t believe me because he annoyed me every day I worked with him.  But I supposed he was a good man. He attended my lowlife engagement party (at a run down apartment) with his wife –action spoke louder than words.

Things started changing when I had my first child, I became fearless. My second child came almost five years later and I became almighty fearless. Now with my third child – nothing stands in my way. There is no time to hold back. I would never forgive myself if I didn't speak my mind and made sure my thoughts were transferred. I am stronger, braver and more invincible with each life to protect.

But sometimes life takes me in a circle. Now instead of me being the quiet one, I am surrounded by quiet people. A quiet mate, which already had me ripping my hair out at times. And just when I thought quietness was *turpitude, I just inherited a quiet boss. The two people that need to be very communicative with me the most!

Quiet people are generally good people, but goodness gracious! It is hard to live every day in silence, now 18 hours a day. Have a wonderful week everyone!

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #60
1) Are you considered a quiet or talkative person?
2) Do you think it is harder to get to know someone that is quiet?

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*tur•pi•tude [tur-pi-tood, -tyood] noun: 1. vile, shameful, or base character; depravity. 2. a vile or depraved act.
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  1. 1. When I was young I was painfully shy. Now I am the opposite. So, I am a more talkative person.

    2. I think it is more difficult to get to know someone who is quiet, it just takes a little more effort. To be honest I prefer quieter people. I can't stand someone who never stops talking. It's very annoying.

  2. I am quite talkative having earned my childhood nickname "Chatterbox" many times over.

    I think it is difficult to get to know someone when they are not communicative.

  3. I am definitely a talkative person. Especially these days when i spend most of my time with my kids. When I get among adults it's yak city.

    I think it is sometimes harder to get to know someone who is a talkative person because sometimes there is so much noise it's hard to wade through what is authentic.

  4. I used to be really quiet but not so much anymore. I am still a little quiet with strangers but once I'm comfortable I will talk it up.

    On definitely, a quiet person doesn't volunteer a lot of information.

  5. I'm definitely a talkative person. I'm one of these people, a stranger is a friend waiting to happen. I get my gift of gab from my daddy. Frankly, I can't hold a candle to him. He's the master of talkative people!

    My husband is very quiet...or was very quiet when we first began dating eons ago. I recall thinking, "What will I say to him?" on our first date. But, he was pretty easy to talk to or maybe it's because I'm just so talkative and friendly. However, I have met some people who are not only quiet, but very shy and it's like pulling teeth to get anything to fall off their lips. Those people are really hard to get to know.

    Good questions. Thanks for hosting, Miss Amanda!

  6. I've become more talkative over the years...used to be very quiet. I do think it's harder to get to know someone who's less talkative.

  7. I am on the quiet side, and I talk when I need to. Nowadays, I don't even want to talk, since my brain is talkative all the time.

    It's hard to get to know someone who is quiet, but observing the person, you can understand a lot too.

  8. I'm on the quiet side . It's harder to get to know a person who is quiet but it 's worth it once you can break the ice.

  9. Well, I'm the quiet person. I'm the one that everyone probably thinks is hard to get to know.
    On the flip side though, I think I'm a good listener!

  10. I was a very quiet person. I like to just sit and watch and take it all in.
    If I feel like talking, I think about it and then I might not even say it.
    At one time I didn't speak for so long that my tongue felt weird!

    But now I'm growing and really living and letting you know. :)

    I'm involved with my family and friends.

    2. Yes it is, but if you do take the time to do this, it might become a very good and loyal friendship.

    I too have a quiet husband. lol I want him to get to talking with me!
    What a change around eh?

    But sometimes our lives help us to understand others, if we can remember.

  11. 1. I was shy then...I am still shy now :) Actually, my teachers then would describe me to my parents as "not shy at all, quiet but so brave in speaking out when the situation calls for it that teachers should always prepare for"....I guess, I am more of a quiet person, talks only when I need to, especially if I feel I have to stand up for something I believe in.
    2.i find it easier to know someone who is quiet since they usually know how to listen, and I can ask digging questions and when they open up, they give and open themselves with utmost care. I find it harder to get to know someone deeply who is talkative, especially if most of the time what they talk are very much superficial.

  12. @Poetic ShutterbugShy is not a sign of weakness, I saw that on Jamerican's blog ;-) Even though America promote the talkative much more, I think quiet people now have more opportunities to be heard, like writing on our blogs...

  13. 1) Sometimes I am seen as a quiet person but when you get to know me, you can see how talkative I can be. I will go on and on about a topic that really interests me or about a previously bad relationship mainly because I haven't spoken to anyone about it before.

    2) I think it's pretty easy and fun to get to know someone who's quiet. They can be so mysterious and you can ask a lot of questions and be shocked that they can answer all or the majority with more than two words. In some cases it would take a while to get a quiet person to open up but that's the fun and interest in it.

    Happy New year!


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