When The Plan Doesn't Go As Planned

It has been one of those weeks you know? I can feel the tension rise as the tasks pile up. It is my nature to stress out when I don’t have things written down, and when I just rather be doing my tasks and not anything else. Well we won’t go there, but really, as a type A or X, for X-tra person, I sometimes rather work than have fun.

I tried to mentally prepare myself during the week. I kept up with the schedule and was looking forward to sitting down and knocking off those tasks on my list, plus all the sticky notes on my white board. Yes, I can!

Next thing I know some tasks require printing some forms, filling them out, scanning and emailing them back. But that isn’t going to happen today, the printer is low on ink, and of course, I have no extra laserjet ink cartridges.
When this happens, production stops. I have withdrawals about doing anything else. It brings me to yet another reoccurring task that needs to be put on the calendar, check your supply of the ink cartridges every now and then.

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  1. I notice that as school gets higher, I will be needing more ink! I'm loving the recycle thing they have where I send in the empty cartridges.

    And writing stuff down is great!


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