Thursday Two Questions #59

There isn't anything more refreshing relieving than a healthy and happy child. Now times that by 3 and you will be blessed with triple joy! I have collected three children over the years, and they range in ages, big huge gaps. This leads to the advantages and disadvantages. So as soon as one is done with his cold, the other one comes strolling in with his. Their environments are so different that the predictability isn't predictable for many years.

My kids seemed to get sick during the school months mostly. And when they do, it seems to last forever. Mind you, I feel like that is the only time when life isn't moving fast, well, and when you're working out too. Your nights become longer and your days are full with "other" activities. They say, kids build up an immune system due to their exposure to germs and other kids' sicknesses once they go to school. Why is it that this seemed to be such a myth to me? My kids stay sick throughout their school years, and any time they are in contact with large groups. So far, I have not seen them immune to anything. They come home with the minimum colds every year...except for the summer - when they are not around other children.What do you think?

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #59

1) Do you think kids become immune to the sicknesses in their school?
2) Do you and your children use hand sanitizers religiously?

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  1. 1) My son seemed to get sick during the school year too. In some areas, he is immune, but the common colds you can't escape.

    2) I use sanitizer only when we are out and about. At home, I prefer washing..

  2. 1. I don't think they become immune in fact, I think it's the other way around. They are exposed to more germs so they will catch more bugs.

    2. I don't use a hand sanitizer but was my hands very frequently.

  3. Amanda, I think there are certain viruses we build an immunity to once we have caught it and my children definitely got more illnesses during the school year.

  4. I suppose they do after being around kids for awhile but they have to catch a few sicknesses to do so.

    No kids but I don't believe in using antibacterial soaps because they kill the good bacteria. Studies have proved that regular soap and water are just as effective. I do use hand sanitizers when soap and water aren't available.

  5. I have the same arguments. You can depend on this cycle to happen as school begins. It doesn't even happen at church! lol

    1. I honestly don't know. I think they become immune to what they caught so they wouldn't get the same strain again, but seirously are there so many strains that are new that they are so sick all the time????? freaky eh.

    2. We wash more religiously that we use sanitizers. Those are to be used in limited form if it can be helped. So the moment boy comes home from school, I shush him to the bathroom to wash properly since their school let them use the hand sanitizers instead of washing.

  6. I believe you can build enough antibodies to fight off all these common illnesses. Plus, germs are getting tougher and more resistant to drugs. If anything, kids are more likely to get sick than not. Wise judgement to keep sick kids home and good common sense on the basics like - wash hands often, cover your mouth and nose with your shoulder when you sneeze or cough, don't share food/drinks, avoid sick people as much as possible, etc are just a few tips that can go a very long way.

    We don't use sanitizers, but we do use rubbing alcohol to clean our hands while out in public. Trust me, if I even think someone is sick and you can usually tell, then I turn about face to head in the opposite direction. I don't care if I have to the long way around to get to something in the store or even come back later, then I'll do it. Paranoid? Maybe, but at least we don't get sick too often. *knock on wood*

  7. Stopping by to say hello!

    1) I don't think kids (or adults who work at schools) get immune - I think they pick up every last thing and bring it home to their families! (speaking from experience here)

    2) My husband uses hand sanitizers when exposed to school kids. I use regular handwash at home!

    Have a great weekend!


  8. As the kids get older they don't get sick as often.. and no I don't use the hand santinizer.. even though it's recommended as with younger kids they still have the habit of licking their hands/ hands in the mouth and it can be toxic.

  9. We use sanitizers regularly - I keep one on my key chain for when I'm out and about. As far as sickness in school...possibly. I think it depends on the kid though.

  10. it's hard really to be perfectly immune to anything, but, it's also hard to be not exposed. i do wash my hands often, but if washing is not possible, i use sanitizer.

  11. I think after a while, once kids get accustomed to mixing with each other, they become immune to the diseases others bring in. My kids usually get ill around the end of summer.

    I believe in cleanliness, but not in killing all bacteria. I think this causes more trouble because kids don't slowly build up a natural immunity to germs. We use sanitizers sometimes, but not always.


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