Thursday Two Questions #58 - It's a Big World

You know the saying: "It's a small world." Sometimes it is, and sometimes it isn't. I seemed to be very public - compared to my family members. Yet, not as public as let's say Arnold Schwarzenegger. I am only as public to those who might be in my circles, otherwise you wouldn't know me.
As far as having a blog and some edited photos of me online, I sometimes wondered if that is a bit too much of me out there? I mean, I have a LinkedIn for networking in the real world, and Twitter, Facebook, etc. All of which, I have been keeping separate accounts for, to serve its purposes.

One day I woke-up thinking of what Linked-In could potential do to me, or for me, and the conclusion in terms of pro and con? It is too close, too much information for comfort.
For now, the world is still big enough. Big enough to not be known, big enough for me not to run into some people I know. What about you?

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #58

1) Is your world big or small?
2) How do you feel about being known? Would you like to be famous?

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  1. 1) It is hard to say if the world is big or small. Like you have mentioned, my circle of friends know me, and I'm kind of careful on what I post and where. Linkedin is something I don't often participate in.

    2) Being famous is great, but comes with with a different territory!

  2. i am the most public in my family too because of blog, my FB however is mostly friends and family, but I have added some blogging friends I yet have to meet but I already feel comfortable enough to network in FB. I do not however know how to use other networking sites. the world is small for me since we can always reach out, i do not really want to be known and famous, but I do occasionally put my pictures in my blogs, those that are not so obvious. but i don't think those posts had made me famous :D

  3. 1. I'd say my world is pretty small. Like you I am known in my close circle of friends and online with my blogs etc... However being online with all the social media does take away from our privacies.

    2. No I would not like to be famous. Cameras are in your face and everything you do is scrutinized. There is no privacy at all when you are famous.

  4. My world is sort of midsize. While my circle of actual friends is very small my blogging friends are everywhere. Most of the friendships are casual but some we chat often through emails.

    I wrote a newspaper column many years ago and had a taste of fame on a local level. That was okay but I would not want to be a household name.

  5. 1. I think my world is big, but I like it that way. I do sometimes feel like I'm giving too much of myself away.

    2. I used to be famous. I was a Stage Actress and radio announcer/producer in Guyana, South America. Everyone know my name, my voice and what I looked like. I gave it all up to marry, move here and have kids and become a mother.

    I'm still seen on TV, but it's such a small scale, not many people even know about it.

  6. Amanda, can I say that my world is both? Funny you ask this as recently a FB friend blasted out my home town and I immediately messaged her and ask that she not do that. Let's have a little privacy, please. I want to be famous but fear it at the same time. I am not ready for the idea of being watched. lol

  7. Your world just got bigger. Happy Birthday!

  8. I think my world should be medium size.. as I do know quite a lot of people online/offline.

    and no I am not keen to be famous and have to live in constant worry about kids being kidnapped/ extortion etc.

  9. I think it is a little bit of both. I do know many people from many different parts of Boston, I have made many unexpected connections.

    Being known in my little way is nice, it means I do not have to explain why I have a service dog, or what my illness is.

  10. 1. I hope my world is not too big or small. I like it private and sometimes I wish my inlaws didn't know my blog or facebook page etc.

    I don't like being stalked especially when they know that I didn't share with them for that specific reason.

    2. I couldn't keep up with being famous ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  11. I think that the world is a very big place which the internet has made small in terms of easy access to different places and people. I really don't feel that being on social networking sites serves you a purpose unless you NEED it professionally or personally. I pop in and out of FB every now and feel had more hours in a day when life was not so 'online'. :)

  12. Been doing this since yesterday! lol

    Just finished everyone on the list

  13. A little birdy said to wish you a happy birthday! I hope you have a delightful day and many more to come! God bless. One of my newest grands has a b-day on the 25th. She will 1 and don't worry about that age thing. You look great and it's only a number. Sarah was around 87 when she had her first child. :-)


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