Motorhome and Car Repairs

Motorhomes are nice to have when they are new, but when they get a little older they need extra care now and then. Motorhomes are not any different than any mechanical things. Cars need maintenance and repairs just as motorhomes need motorhome repair. The different is a motorhome is great for cruising, and it might just be the only way I will ever camp again. Given what happened the last time we went camping, I will definitely think twice about sleeping in a tent again and going to New Brighton Beach to be freaked-out by the visitors from the woods at camp #75!

Speaking of repairs, my vehicle is in the shop for some minor adjustments. What's scary is that, I believe I spent more time at the dealership for service on my car than I do with my friends. It’s true. The reasons are very valid and practical. For one, I can’t get away from my family to just hang out with my friends, and getting my car done is only an hour, well dropping off and picking up anyways.

Now you can understand that, everyone is busy. They don’t have time to meet and greet like before anymore, and they certainly are not going to clear their schedule to meet for just an hour! Why bother when you can send an email or click on a Facebook poke? And folks now we shall conclude with...that is what Facebook is for...in case you have ever wondered...
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  1. I grew up in a double wide so I can relate.

  2. I used to do a lot of backpacking and tent camping and loved it but nowadays I prefer the comfort of our motorhome.

  3. My son is reading all about motorhomes. We are having fun pointing them out on the street.

    And the age of technology is our undoing. People must be together, talking, touching, hugging etc. We are made for relationships.


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