Disney World Vacation Planning

The last time I was in Disney World for a vacation was about 14 years ago. We purchased one of the Disney World hotel packages from a travel agent. It was a very simple way to plan travel, even when we had a group of five, kids, grandma and the both of us. I could remember that the biggest worry was what clothes to pack for the trip, and if the weather would cooperate. All we had to do was let the travel agent know what we were looking forward to seeing and doing and she had the entire trip planned out. Things were simple then, I wasn’t stressed about the planning. She made everything nice and easy for all of us. Everyone was well taken care of, even my then 2-year-old son.

There isn’t anything more special than being at Disney World for the first time. Everything is so grand and beautiful.

Lake Buena Vista hotel for Next Disney World Vacation
We were just talking that it just might be time to plan a trip to Disney World with little Trinity. But this time when we go, we wanted to stay in something nice, but a little reasonable. I have heard that the Best Western Lake Buena Vista, located in Downtown Disney World has easy access to Universal Orlando, and SeaWorld Adventure Park. This Lake Buena Vista hotel is the ideal place to stay for an affordable Disney World vacation and offers guaranteed admission and complimentary continuous shuttle transportation to all four Walt Disneyworld theme parks.
Believe me, you will be thankful for easy access to transportation to and from the theme parks. The parks are so big that it isn’t a close walk at all, additionally you will be doing enough walking in parks that you will be happy to get a ride home to your hotel room. The evenings and the dinners are nice because it gives you a chance to relax and get recharged for the next day.

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image credit: Disney World
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  1. JoJo would love to go to Disney World and to see the new Harry Potter area.

  2. Will I ever get out of this state? I guess I had my traveling already.

  3. I am visiting my parents right now and the only way to get back home is to go through Orlando. i don't usually stop but I was asked to do stop so that my dogs can review the official Disney Doggy Care Facility. Looking forward to it because it looks amazing.

    Hope your family has fun in Disney. I love the theme parks and with little kids they are just so magical. Visiting from the Alexa Hop.

    Two Little Cavaliers

  4. Someone was just telling me today about the HP section in Disney world. She'd gone there for her honeymoon.

    I was there in the 90s. I'd love to go again and take the kids.

  5. I haven't been to Disney World in many years either, I'm sure it has changed since my last visit. It would be fun to go and see what's new.

  6. I really would love to visit there too. I've not been. Maybe sometime we'll be able to go.

    And my feet are hurting already thinking about all that walking and which kid is going to want 'up' :)

  7. Hello dear,

    Thanks for hopping to my blog for the S6W,couldn't find yours but still like this "fairy" post, I have been to Disney land near Paris, but Disney World is waohhh ... Well I'll remember the Buena vista hotel if by chance...



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