Daniel Del Piano Is Founder Of New Ministry For Children

Daniel Del Piano Develops Kingdom Kid's Club For Children

For Dan Del Piano, the Bible plays a significant role in his life. When reading the New Testament of the Bible, Daniel Del Piano notes that there is much emphasis on children. Jesus talks often about children, using them as examples in many of his teachings. The fact that the Bible considers children so important has served as an inspiration to Dan Del Piano. It inspired Daniel Del Piano to create a ministry that is just for kids.

Through Kingdom Kid's Club, Daniel Del Piano Supports Kids' Bible Reading

In creating his Kingdom Kid's Club ministry, Dan Del Piano had a primary mission of getting children to read the word of God. In order to accomplish this mission, Daniel Del Piano thought about ways he could give kids positive motivation to read the Bible every day. Dan Del Piano decided to take an approach of sponsoring children so that they would have access to the Bible and then encouraging them to read the Bible by offering rewards such as prizes and diplomas for the achievement of reading milestones.  

Kingdom Kid's Club Allows Kids To Do God's Work, Says Dan Del Piano

Through his children's ministry, Daniel Del Piano is reaching out to kids and encouraging them to make positive changes in their lives based on their Bible reading. Dan Del Piano is hopeful that as these kids make the positive changes, they will bring God's kingdom to the people in their lives.
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  1. Praise God. This will have a great impact on society as a whole. Thanks for sharing this worthwhile ministry. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

  2. This is very interesting. I'm going to check it out.

  3. Yes, Christ placed much emphasis on children. They were important in the old testament too. When Hagar's son was crying God sent a messenger.


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