Begin Your Savings Now

Adopt the Concept of Piggy Bank Savings

Many financial advisers suggested that we should start teaching our children the value of money, and help them learned to save for the future. You remember the piggy bank, right? Almost every child has at least one piggy bank to deposit the coins in, and watches the accumulation piling up.

With the uncertainty of the future, we are as adults, have to adapt this very simple concept of savings. We have to figure out the best way, and the best place to invest our hard earned money, where we could earn a bit of profit in the long run.

Set Your Savings Goal

My savings strategy is be vigilant in watching the market, and research for banking institute that offers a better interest rate for my investment. I build up my savings by putting away a fix amount of my income every week, and if there is any bonus, it also goes straight into my savings account. Whether it is only $10 or $20 dollars a week, the numbers will definitely grow.

Find High Yield Savings Institute

The goal for my savings is to live a comfortable life when I retire from the working world. It is a common dream for many of us, so we should start as early as we can. You can find high yield online savings account, and begin to set this dream in motion. If you need ideas on how to gather the money, click on the link to find out four ways in building up your savings. Also, take notice that this bank has no month fees, and has many convenient online banking features.

Just like everything else in life, if you want to accomplish something, you have to take action and start out small! You will be closer to your goal than you know.

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  1. I couldn't wait for my kids to turn 3 so I could let them pick out their own piggy banks!

    D is six and his is now full. Next step is to have him open a little account in his name to grow with as he learn more about the balance of money.

    V is four and hers is half way. It's quite interesting but I want them to know and learn.

  2. Saving for "rainy days" is always a good idea!

  3. Sadly, being a single parent most of my life, raising three sons without child support, left me with little money to save. When my job ended abruptly about three years ago in the massive cuts to Public Health, I went through my entire $25,000 in savings in the three years. It has been a nightmare. I would not be surving at all right now if it weren't for my half pension from the city and social security.

  4. Yeah, I believe finding high yield savings and investment is a good strategy, we do will save more with that


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