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Does Self Sagacity.com have any handyman readers out there? Who are  specifically great at revamping washers and dryers? Or just know the ins and outs of the washer and dryer parts? Have you ever bought used washer and dryers? I have bought new and used. The last washer and dryer I bought used lasted me ten years and still going at the time I gave them away! They are amazing appliances. Who ever invented them has made them simple to repair and their parts replaceable.

Don’t ask me. I don’t know anything about replacing and changing out parts, but I do know of this amazing place that sells just about any parts and speed queen parts. You can find any brand of washer and dryer under the sun. Even though I don’t count replacing the filter on our dryer as a repair in anyway, but it was simple enough to find new parts for. No salesman hassles, everything done on the internet. No taxes, and no driving from store to store. I can imagine if you are a handyman you will be excited like me being at a nursery gawking at plants. I love plants just like I know anyone who is capable of repairs would love…SummitParts.com.

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  1. I needed parts to fix a few things in my home once and found a site to purchase parts at that was a fraction of what Sears charges so I was ecstatic! Mind you I only do small repairs. Major ones are better done by someone who knows what they are doing!

  2. Sagacity thoughts, Thank you for visiting my site. Judy got me started so I could share my photos with others. I just visited your blog am was very interested in the appliance repair. I'm a jack of all traids and a master of none. I have repaired my gas dryer with a starter.the first part lasted about an hour so I thought I had a bad part but it turned out that the oil from your hands shorts out the part so you are supposed to wear gloves when changing the part. Just like when you change a head lamp on the 1997 & newer cars.So just remember when you go to change a HALOGEN bulb don't touch it without a gloved hand or it will blow out in a very short time.I learned this the hard way;at the cost of a couple of dryer parts and light bulbs. Just thought I would pass this on for you. Didn't mean to take up your comment box. Thank you for visiting;and Judy for putting us together.

  3. We do most all of the repairs around our home. When we first got married we bought used washer and drier and kept them going for several years. But when we bought this house a few years ago we decided it was time to get new machines. So far we have had no problems but a good source of parts is still something I would like to check out.


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