uberHumor Funny Pictures Save The Day!

Have you ever been asked this question in an interview? “What do you like or not like about your job?” Are there right or wrong answers to interview questions?

I love my job! There are certain aspects I definitely find more appealing than others, but generally speaking, I had my share of good days and bad days. If you were honest with the question above in an interview, you have just hung yourself. Thankfully, I have found ways to tackle the bad days with funny pictures and videos. A dose of funny pictures can wipe away a lot of frustrations.

I am sure many of you love your jobs - almost as much as the meaning of the photo in this post. Yes. Tell me that you rather go in to work than being on your dream vacations. Exactly - what I mean. Still, we don’t have to live with the feeling that we are on the verge of suicide all the time. When you are feeling like getting ready for work is preparing yourself for the hanging ceremony, change your paradigm, and humor yourself with some really funny pictures and videos on uberHumor.com.

Many people chose the wrong distraction by going to Facebook and becoming obsessive with what their friends are doing. Instead of getting a pink slip for spending too much time messaging, take your mind off the stress for a few minutes, and find some humor with smart and witty funny pictures and videos.

Smiling moderately keeps you young. Smiling too much gives you laugh lines. Can you win? Yes. Find moderate happiness from very funny pictures. Humor is healthy for you. Next time when you feel like throwing something at your boss, don’t, visit uberHumor.com

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  1. I like great humorous funny pictures! You know, the kind that isn't disgusting with blood or sex..

  2. I love a good photo that gives me the cheek aches :)

    Oh and yes, it's good to be diplomatic about such questions :)

    Not that diplomats lie. lol

  3. I went to the site and the first photo was of two cute, smiling cats ... that definitely gave me a big smile.

  4. a dose of laughter a day is healthy for you. Keep visiting, you will feel so much lighter. :-)


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