Simplify with Artifical Rocks and Trees

Fake Rock Excited? I am. I am thrilled to learn of ways that I can simply my life. It is always refreshing to come up with ideas that would combat against our problematic landscape. I am so jazzed to see some possibilities for the Faux Rocks. We use a fake rock in front of our house to camouflage the big utility box, but I never knew that there were bigger artificial rocks of different styles for the more serious projects.

In the front of our house, we also have a water fountain. It is pretty, but all it does is complicate our lives. Why? Because it creates algae, it has faded, and it requires cleaning once a week if used. I can’t be bother with more work. Hold this thought about the water fountain for a minute, and I will tell you how simplifying my life will all come together later.

Fountain Close to the fountain, we have a spot that cannot grow anything. The area gets so much water, it is like swamp land New Orleans,  anything planted there eventually dies. I would love to have a tree there, because it is the spot that needs a little privacy. It is where we can set a patio table and sit sometimes, but without a little privacy, it’s not inviting enough.

Now we can go back to the fountain thought and put the a Fake Tree with that thought, and the result is I have a project! Just imagine the projects that you can build with the different size artificial rocks. The imagination is endless. Some of the projects I have seen looked so real if seeing from afar, I can’t tell if its faux rocks. The product is also specially made to wear well outdoors, no fading, chipping, or breaking. In water, these products are supposed to resist algae buildup, and will not leach lime. That means if I have a water fountain, I won’t have to scrub every week, and it won’t fade and best yet, the fake tree won’t die.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you've done with your house since I last visited. This sounds so wonderful.

  2. Beautiful!! I never would of guessed that people used faux rocks in their yard. Interesting and clever.

  3. it looks very peaceful and beautiful, indeed, so many projects we can do, wish you well on your plans.

  4. This sounds like a great idea! I have some plans to set up a new garden and all sorts of ideas are going through my mind.

  5. Maybe an arum lily would grow in a soggy spot? They love this sort of condition. I have killed a few by not having very wet ground for them to grow in.

    You have a lot of followers. How do you do it? :-)


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