My vintage shopping quest

Guest post written by Summer Winger

I guess that it isn't surprising that my vintage options in a town this small aren't so great as say somewhere like New York or LA. But I guess that's just one thing that you sacrifice when your parents embrace small town living. But, that doesn't mean that I don't try to hunt out vintage clothes. One thing that small towns are good for is yard sales. People have them all the time around here and so far they're my best bet when it comes to vintage clothing.

I like to look online to see if I can find out about any new yard sales to check out for vintage clothing. While I was doing that a while back, i ran across some info on wireless internet packages. After I showed my parents More info here, they decided to switch over our service to one of them.

I like to go to yard sales that are put on by people that don't have them very often. That way you know there's a better chance that they have some real vintage clothing there. I've found some really great steals for just a couple of bucks. People just don't know what they have sometimes.
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  1. Thanks for the guest post Summer. I love to get a bargain too. Especially for vintage clothing and furniture.

  2. Great guest post! We live in a small town but there is one vintage clothing store and a couple of consignment stores that always have great bargains.


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