More Joy with Christmas Hampers

Even with the increasing percentage of online purchases, brick and mortar stores are still swamped at Christmas time. Has anyone figured out why?

We are already in the middle of September, and before you know it, Christmas shopping countdown will be here. The older I get, the sooner I think the stores are displaying their seasonal items each year. But realistically, it could be because I am moving slower while time seemed to go by faster. So how will I keep up with all these events in my life? I guess I will have to start even earlier each year.

Somethings never changed, it is inevitable that my Christmas shopping turns out the same every year. I would procrastinate because I really don’t enjoy shopping. Then I panic towards the end and give the lamest gift: “money.” I have always said, cash is king, but it does take away the fun and the whole point of gifting.

Although I can pat myself on the back for taking notes this year that a couple of our friends would really love to receive christmas hampers. Gift sets are great around the holidays because it could easily be enjoyed with friends and families. There are fine wines, chocolates, flowers, plants or hampers for starters.
A hamper according to Wikipedia  is primarily a British term for a wicker basket, usually large, that is used for the transport of items, and they are often food. For example: the Christmas Hamper set pictured here includes organic raspberry fizz, Amisa organic choc chip cookies , organic omega rye bread, organic hand made damson jam, and H&h organic green tea. All displayed in a very attractive wicker basket. 

And if that isn’t fancy enough for your taste. At serenatahampers.com you have options to add special items like the chocolate, balloons, and stuff animals. The gift sets are elegantly packaged so I know my friends will love their gifts. When do you start your Christmas shopping? Don’t forget, you can't go wrong with Christmas Hampers and will find that Christmas is more enjoyable if you get the stressful shopping out of the way early.

Thanks for stopping by today. *image credit serenatahampers.com
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  1. those hampers look very inviting, just a few more months and it's Christmas, yey.

  2. Never heard of a basket being called a hamper, but I love it! One of those as a gift for Christmas would be fantastic!


  3. I like to walk around the stores and look but I do most of my shopping online. I have given hampers/baskets for Christmas and will probably give them this year too.


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