How He Broke My Heart / Sink

Our To Do Sink Job
SO and I have plans to crack our master list of to dos this weekend. A couple of items on the list included finishing the baseboards in our bathroom, and changing out the fixtures for the Undermount Sink. I personally would rather replace the entire sink with a glass style.

How He Broke My Heart Sink
I am looking forward to working with SO this weekend. It reminded me of the last sink job we tackled. We had two of the three sinks in my house replaced because SO damaged them. I don’t know how or what he dropped on the one sink, but, it was devastating when I saw the big chip. I lived in the house for five years and everything still looked almost brand new. I started dating him and things started breaking. One time he laugh so hard that he lost his balance and fell on the towel bar and broke it. Yes! My SO can be “Mr Maladroit”, in a cute way of course.

Should I Ignore My Heart Sink?
I didn’t know how I should feel, should I ask him to replace my sink? We were dating and I wasn’t sure how to let him know how I feel without hurting his feelings or sounding petty. An Undermount Sink shouldn’t cost too much, I thought? I tried to ignore it for a long time until one day. SO damaged another sink in another bathroom. This time it was because he was cleaning something in it and scraped the living daylights out of the porcelain! Oh my gosh! I was dying now. Should I break up with him before he breaks anymore of my house? I know, they are just sinks, but the sinks were perfectly fine before I met him.  Yet, this new BF managed to destroyed two of my sinks, and the towel bar. What is next? To be continued…

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  1. Definitely: replace the sinks, dump the SO and move on. Try to date a therapist.

    I've had a few sinks and a few SOs over the years. Very useful, though I could have done without them. One more than the other. Still, some leaked; and some of the S were more I than others.

    1. I couldn't date a therapist. i can imagine that my conversations would just be:"tell me how you feel." lol.

  2. I can't imagine that he would do that! Well now let's think in a positive way: you have new sinks as long as "he broke them, fix them!" :-)

  3. Certainly SOs and sinks should last a lifetime or nearly a lifetime, right?

    I think your SO should know that your things are important to you, it isn't about the money, it's about respecting you.

  4. Hope you have a fun weekend! :) And you get those sinks all worked out! :)

  5. I'm the one always breaking things here; trust me, if you really love SO, look beyond the broken things and remember they are just items, relationships are so much more important and when they get broken, they are harder to put back together again or replace....

    just my Saturday thoughts :)


  6. hmmmm.....might want to figure out how the sinks got broken. Sinks are replaceable...... good BFs no so easy!

  7. At least he keeps life interesting, maybe you need to direct him towards things that you actually do want to replace rather than things that are okay

  8. Hello dear,

    I am Grace your new follower from The six Words Saturday and I'm glad I find your blog and this huge post, even if it's a little late. Well what I wanted to say have already been told by Ron.

    Hope to see you around my blog sometimes.


  9. A good man is hard to find. I say replace the sinks and keep the guy!


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