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Watching TV shows became realistic for me. I can watch shows online with my computer while working. Yay! I love watching online shows because there is no commercial. The shows seemed more interesting with no interruptions and no commercials. Not only it doesn't ruin the moment, but it also saved 15 minutes per episode.

I was able to follow the last seven seasons of Desperate Housewives and all thanks to High Tech Entertainment. There was one episode where Lynette Scavo didn’t want to and couldn’t settle on being an Executive’s wife. The conference called the Executives’ wives a “Plus One” and did everything to make sure that the “Plus Ones” stood out from the crowds. She was used to being the Executive herself, and didn’t like the treatment at all.

On top of that, the badge holders for the “Plus Ones” were different from the Executives and that limited Lynette Scavo from going the events that she was really interested in. In addition, every Executive had an HID Card, which allowed them to get into facilities and events that are just reserved for Executives. Lynette Scavo is used to getting her way. She schemed and stole a badge id of another Executive woman, because she was dying to see her favorite speaker. Desperate Housewives and shows of the like kind are mentally stimulating in a very entertaining way. Don’t think about it too much and take it for what it is, then it is quite amusing.

Watching shows is good if you’re stuck in one place like cooking, or returning comments. However, my preference is to go for a walk or compete with SO on one of those PlayStation Move. We had a lot of fun with the triathlons game. High Tech Entertainment has made it possible for me to actually win against SO physically virtually. I just saw an exercise program that is supposed to be very good and would love to include the zumba playstation in my morning routines.

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  1. I don't watch much TV or listen to music nowadays, but Desperate Housewives used to be one of my favorites.

  2. Visiting from the Alexa Hop.

    I watch all my TV online. The only thing I miss watching by not having traditional TV is football.

  3. oh, hardly have time to watch TV, whatever time I have left at home, I blog :) I love blogging because it opens up to me so many insights and opportunities. However, if it is tennis, I have time to watch :)

  4. I remember that episode with Lynnette. I love that show! It's my um just girly time fun!

    I don't like watching tv on my pc though.


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