Young and Pregnant and Fashionably Daring

Reno and snowBesides the love of sharing my adventures and experiences with SelfSagacity readers, I enjoy a little risk taking now and then. But what I am about to share is not something I would ever do if I knew then what I know now.

Years ago, during the last trimester of my pregnancy of my first child I drove to Reno in the snow with my sister. You could see that I was all front with my 39 weeks belly, but was almost the same everywhere else. I never needed any maternity clothes, and bought a lot of the plus size fashion.

It was a lot easier for me to choose, and find stylish outfits. I love the selections and the styles for variety. And because I was a workaholic, there was little time for shopping. I didn't want to bother with returns, and the plus size fashions gave me a lot of choices in clothes that would flatter my tummy, literally said flatter looking.

Even after 10, 12 hours of work, we still would have such enormous energies to go out and have dinner and do something fun. It was between Christmas and New Year holiday, and we had the next a few days off, so we grabbed our purses and hopped in the car. We drove in the snow without any snow chains and I don’t know how in the world we made it there and back without any problems. Now, because I know better, if I am going to drive in snow, I will be equipped with snow chains and tire chains. I wouldn't risk being stuck or stranded just because I wanted to be spontaneous.

Things I did when I was younger and more daring. It was a good thing I didn't know much otherwise I wouldn't have the guts to go anywhere being that close to the delivery date. I had guts of a lion and so naive that if something was to scare me, it had to have happened to me. But I wasn’t thinking much at that age, I was a doer, and I do more than I think. Now I think more than I do.
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  1. Oh yeah.....some of the foolish things we do when we are young.

    I am happy that all went well for you and your sister.

    Wishing you a beautiful pink weekend

  2. I am sure there are not too many that did a lot daring and things we should not have done when younger. I guess that is part of growing up.

  3. Amanda, when I was young Daddy used to have snow chains for the winter but now they are illegal in Michigan and will get you pulled over. Funny how things change. I did a few things when I was pregnant the first time that I did not do the last few times, like dance all night. The doctor told me during my last pregnancy that strenuos work outs could harm the fetus. Who knew?

  4. I'm the opposite - I've grown quite bold in my middle age.:)

    Last month I embarked on a 9 day hiking extravaganza covering 130 miles. But my feet were killing me by the end of the trip.

  5. Oh you daring little devil you! 39 weeks of pregnancy and driving far away from home?

    I'm glad you had fun and had a no trouble trip though.

  6. Wow, your post reminds me of the times when I was a week away from my due date but decided to go with my husband for a long drive. It was tough but I enjoyed it so much! You are a trooper!

  7. we do change in time as we learn through our life's experiences. that was indeed a very gutsy act, but maybe we all had our share of doing before thinking than thinking before doing.

  8. We all look back and wonder why we chose to do some of things we did. We survive and learn from our experiences.
    Beautiful rose!

  9. I'm glad your story had a happy ending - I was afraid there for a second!

  10. Sounds wild! :) (Found your blog from Six Word Saturday)

  11. I live in Michigan, and though the winter is tough some times, I hardly ever see snow chains on vehicles.

    I wonder if they would work on my car, but then again I don't exploring that much in the winter.

    I'm glad you took the chance and had some fun though.

  12. Things we do when we are younger...

  13. I remember those days when I knew everything and did everything. I suppose once you have kids you become very careful about lots of things. I don't think it's necessarily care for yourself, but concern about what could happen to your kids if something happened to you.

    I think I've grown out of my adventurous spirit a bit too.

  14. I've always been pretty daring and adventurous. Now, with my last frequent flyer miles, I'm off to India for six months - leave October 24th. I'll stay all over the country with many Royal Caribbean friends!

  15. I know just what you mean. I laugh when I think of some of the things I did when I was younger.

    Thank you for participating in this very special Pink Saturday. I hope your visitors will come over to comment and help us to raise more money for the next Miracle Makeover. The good news is that you can leave a comment each day through the 18th, and each comment earns $1.00. So, please come comment again and again.

  16. My friends and I used to do that too, after a long hard week at work we would grab the bare basics and take off for the weekend.

    I've only used tire chains a couple of times. I never used them in Alaska.

  17. All, very excellent, qualities to be!

  18. It is true. In some way, we took incredible risks when we were younger and many of my friends took funny risks in their first pregnancies that they would never, ever take again.

    Then again, I am in many ways bolder than I ever was in my 20s but I make better quality decisions.


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