Thursday Two Questions #50

In this post Wholesale Final Life Insurance I talked about how wonderful it would be to have house maintenance insurance, and it prompted me to ask you all these questions for today.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #49

1) What types of things do you think should have insurance?
2) Between your house insurance and your car insurance, which do you feel is most needed?

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  1. 1) I think we should house repair insurance since this would come in handy to get the house maintained in decent shape.

    2) Car insurance needed more than house..Accident happens more often than house theft..

  2. 1. I think life insurance is important especially if you have children. It's a security blanket for them.

    2. As far as homeowners and car, both are essential these days. It's also becoming a necessity to have EQ insurance.

  3. I cannot think of anything that should be insured that already isn't.

    I am having a hard time answering between house insurance and car insurance. A home definitely cost more and covers quite a bit, but I would not be able to afford another car and keep paying the payments without car insurance.

    Thank you for having this Meme. I have never participated in one before and it should be fun!

  4. 1. I ride a bike...so I'd like to see some bicycle insurance!!

    2. I'd have to say house insurance as I don't own a car!

  5. A home protection plan would come in handy, and we need health insurance, car insurance, life insurance and home owners insurance... now just to make enough money to pay for it all!!

  6. Wow, I think they are both very important! I have not had to use my house insurance....yet! But I have had my car insurance come in quiet handy!! Nice post! Thanks for hosting!

  7. 1) I was about to answer "health" and "life" and then i saw "things", so then I believe it should be both car insurance and house insurance, they are both necessities.
    2)I do not know which one is more needed between house and car since I believe they both are needed.

  8. Pretty much anything owned should be insured.

    That's an easy one, home owners insurance is more important. An example, if your house burned down and you were uninsured not only could you not rebuild but you would still have to continue making mortgage payments. We have a lot more invested in our home than our automobiles.

  9. I know you said things but I'd love to have my dog insured...

    We have life, car and home insurance. However, these are luxuries to a lot of people in my country - India...

  10. hi, Amanda. i never thought anybody would be interested in buying my photos. if you like the fishermen photos, it's yours for free.:p

    anything of value should be insured--house(s), car(s), jewelries, artwork, etc.

    i don't own a house so i'd go for car insurance. but if i have a house, it's definitely my top priority.

  11. It is my first time to join visit me hehehe....Thanks.

  12. I would love to have home maintenence insurance. Been trying to help my dad fix up his house and I can see how things can degrade. I think home maintenance, at very least, should be a factor in your retirement spending.

    As for car and house...we live in Texas, where there are tornados...and I could afford to get a new used car if we needed one but we couldn't afford to replace our house if a twister knocked it down, so I'll say house.

  13. Three very important ones would be: Life, House and vehicle.

    2. I would choose home insurance because I can't really live in my vehicle.


  14. One thing about home maintenance is that it can be done and great when you still have a job, but as Gale said having to repair or update a home when you are on a fixed income is really impossible. As an example, my mom used to live in a house that is a bit older, and it needed all sorts of updating, but it was never the right timing because there wasn't any money coming for upgrading. It would really be nice if we could get a house maintenance insurance like the health insurance.

  15. You could get places without a car but your home is the one and only so home insurance seems most important to me. After all it houses everything else you own besides the car! lol


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