San Diego The Perfect Temperature?

San Diego enjoys beautiful weather year round with an average daily temperature of 70.5º (21.4 degrees Celsius).
I used to wonder why the elderly wore sweaters in the middle of summer. And then I just shrugged and figured it was due to their frailty and in-activeness. What I came to find out recently was that the elderly are not the only people wearing layers of clothing in the middle of summer. For the last couple of years, I have been sporting 2, 3, even four layers of clothing around the house. Before you we get too confused here, all those layers were necessary to keep me warm because the weather was still very cold in June. This year, our summer started in late July.
SO and I long for warm weather and to be honest, where we are living now is still a little bit colder than we would like. So as a great problem solver and solution provider, I searched on the internet for southern California cities, and the ever popular San Diego Real Estate. For those who doesn't like the temperature too hot , San Diego could be just perfect place for you. Look at the year round temperature chart below. If that isn't incredible, I don't know what is. There are brand new Homes for sale in 4s Ranch, San Diego that looks just about perfect too.

For around the high $500,000 you could get a pretty decent size home, and even new. And again, remember that it depends on the schools and neighborhood you are looking at. But I can tell you that you will be surprise when you take a look around the website, so have a look, San Diego has a lot to offer.

MonthHigh Low Humidity Rainfall Sunshine
January65 48 63% 2.11' 72%
February66 50 66% 1.43' 72%
March66 52 67% 1.60' 70%
April68 55 67% .78' 67%
May69 58 70% .24' 59%
June71 61 74% .06' 58%
July76 65 74% .01' 68%
August78 67 74% .11' 70%
September77 65 72% .19' 69%
October75 60 70% .33' 68%
November70 54 65% 1.10' 75%
December66 49 64% 1.36' 73%
Average71 57 69% .78 68%
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  1. Oh, 70-80 degree is perfect for me! I rejoice when our weather is in this mark.

  2. That's funny I was just thinking today about where would be the perfect place to live with the perfect temps!!
    I saw your website on the Alexa Blog Hop, would love for you to come over and visit!

  3. My youngest son & dil live in San Diego area. They used to rent on Coronado & the weather was nice every day. the ocean haze burned off before noon & the sun was warm, but there was always just enough of breeze off the ocean , so never too hot. they finally bought a home & it is in an older community but friendly & safe, called Imperial Beach, the main thing they noticed is that it is cooler the farther you are inland & the haze & fog stick around longer. so the temps vary in what part of the county you are in & how high you are. Happy hunting! I wish I could move there & be close to them, esp since they are expecting there first baby next month! Faythe @GMT

  4. yeah, I love San Diego for the reason you mentioned, does not get too hot nor too cold, just comfortable. Though sometimes it can be cold or hot but very very few days of the year. Though I see a lot of tourists too in the beach yesterday wearing hoodies and jackets :)

  5. hmmmm. no wonder my friend loves San Diego. It does feel like home. I mean from where we came from. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. We have family down in San Diego and it is beautiful. It can get hot and cold but for the most part it is perfect.


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