3 Steps to Roasted Raw Almonds Over the Range

roasted almonds image I prefer the taste of roasted almonds over raw even though roasted almonds isn't as healthy for you. The roasting process heats up the almonds to a temperature that destroys the enzymes. Almond is basically a seed, and in that seed there are many enzymes. The enzymes is good for the body and its needs. This is one reason why we should eat fresh vegetables and raw nuts.
Although you could at least be happy to know that cooking or roasting the almonds does not affect the mineral or vitamin content.

Did you know that California produces 80 percent of the world's almonds, and almost 100 percent of almonds sold in the United States and Canada? All almonds produced in California must be pasteurized, so chances are you are not eating a truly raw almond even if it is labeled that way. Nevertheless, I hope we have established the reasons why eating raw almond is much healthier for you than roasted almonds. But, if you must buy roasted almonds, be selective, since there could be other chemicals that comes with the processed almonds / food.

If you are like me and love roasted almonds, then buy them raw and roasted it yourself on the range. Or have some fun and roast them on open outdoor fireplaces. It is one of our old time favorite family activities in the evenings. Sitting around the fire, roasting almonds and telling stories. The almonds must be roasted at a proper temperature, and they must be dry roasted (not roasted in oil), no salt added, and no preservatives or other chemicals added to them either. That being said, raw almonds are much easier to choose because you don't have to go crazy reading the labels on the roasted almond packaging.
One of my favorite things about roasting almonds is the wonderful smell the almonds give off. Roasted almonds are delicious for snacking anytime and you should feel great about picking roasted almond over potato chips or candy.

Roasted Almonds in Three Easy Steps

1) Lay the raw almonds flat on a thick cookie sheet, as a thin cookie sheet will burn the almonds to quickly and won’t roast them evenly. Place the cookie sheet over a range, it's okay if the entire cookie sheet doesn't get heated. The almonds should cover half of the cookie sheet where the fire is on.

2) Turn the heat on warm or low.  Use a wooden spoon or spatula and flip the almonds every once in a while. Almonds should be done in about 10 to 15 minutes. Also when you notice the almonds turning to a medium brown in color that is when they are done.

3) No need to add any ingredients. If you are making more, move the roasted /dark almonds to the other side of the cookie sheet and lay your next batch of almonds on the warm side of the cookie sheet and keep roasting. They are best when let cool before consuming. Since the almonds are still warm, as they cool, you will hear them crackling. That's alright, because that is when I know they are ready to be eaten.  Enjoy and thanks for stopping by today.

roasted almonds image
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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE almonds. Anytime I eat my cereal, I have to have almonds on it. And salads and soups :)

    I've had roasted too. I didn' tknow about killing the enzymes.

    I love the we make most of almonds here in the US. That's nice.

  2. Oh I love roasted almonds too, and never could have enough of them. I made my own almond mixed with dried fruits for snack, and learned how to roast them from you!

  3. This is my family all time favorite snack! It goes very fast in our home.

  4. Thanks for the tip on roasting almonds. I'm lucky. My sister is married to an almond farmer. I get all the raw almonds I can eat. Love them that way. But I will try roasting them on a cookie sheet the way you explain. Sounds great.

  5. Almonds are my favorite snack. I even carry some in my handbag in case I need a little snack. I really prefer them roasted. Hope you have a great week end and thanks for sharing with Full Plate Thursday!
    Come back soon,
    Miz Helen

  6. Thank you for sharing this very interesting post with Let's Do Brunch. I often buy 'raw' almonds because they are cheaper and roast them myself, but it's good to know it keeps them better for me too!

  7. I love roasted almonds and had some this morning.

  8. I love almonds! One of my favourites is almond drops! I am a new Follower from Blog Hop Thursday.
    Judy from Jamaica

  9. Aren't Almonds also good for your hair? I think I heard that on John Tesh, lol. I think I've seen some stuff at the health food store like GNC that contain Almonds, could be wrong but I'm pretty sure I saw some sort of herb with Almonds in it. Anyway, I'm Sarah, I'm following through the blog hop and wanted to invite you to follow back http://skylarinc.blogspot.com/. Thanks:)


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