Thursday Two Questions #43

fountainWe ask each other questions every week hopefully to learn from one another or perhaps just to satisfy our curiosity. I know the comment subject has been beaten on so many times, but there are still so many aspects that we haven’t touched on that I continued to ponder about them. I don't claim to know everything in regards to How Google Page Rank Works, but I do know that a link from your site to another is a page rank leak whether you like it or not. Even though the link could be deemed unimportant or irrelevant, in time the Google bots will catchup and re-calculate your your page rank.

Last week we saw some ugly Google ranking judgments on my site and my friends' sites. I guessed it to be related to links out. At this point I would like to say I don't pay attention to it much...until there is a reason to...like a rejection from an advertiser. Well, then it becomes a different story.

So my friends, today I wanted to touch on Comment Etiquette #3, I've written Comment Etiquette #1 Lose Word Verification for Comments Already , and Comment Etiquette #2: How to Install Comment Widget on Blogger on Blogger Broadcast, if you are interested in visiting the links, I would love to have your feedback.

My Comment Etiquette #3 is a tip that I learnt: The comments you left on someone else blog, if they are published benefit "your" blog, creating a back link to your site. If you go to Google search and put your blog's name in the search box, you will see a lot of your comments pop up from another blogger's popular post. If the post you comment on is popular, it will certainly make its way to the top of the search list. What your comment does to the post you commented on is add to the content of the post. Although, that is nice and preferred, it isn't always necessary and benefit the post if the blogger has already written a fantastic and informative post.

In sum, all the data points have to work together, the comment link is just a portion of the equation of Your Page Rank Number. And as usual this post’s sole purpose is to open up a discussion among ourselves. It isn’t intended to be a recommendation since it all depends on what you’re doing with other venues of your blog and maintenance.

Here are Self Sagacity's Thursday Two Questions #43
1) Do you understand the concept of back links, for example the comments you left on other blogs with your link and what it does?

2) Do you have any rules about publishing comments on your blog, what would drive you to delete a comment, besides it being obviously inappropriate and spam?

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  1. 1) Ha..you should mention about the ugly page rank. My three blogs all lost 1 level, which makes me quite uncomfortable, but I've come to term with that. You don't have a chance when it comes to Google..

    2) I don't often delete a comments, but when the comment is one word "beautiful, nice" and not really describing my post, then yes, I delete them! As far as backlink goes, I think you've covered what I understood so far. Then again, Google does what it wants anytime!

  2. Amanda, long ago (2007:-)) when Icy and I were experimenting with our names and typing them into the search engine to find out if our articles were doing well we found that our names popped up in numerous places because we were commenting on others. If someone spams me I quickly delete their comment and I believe it has an adverse effect on our traffic.

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  4. This relates to something I have been researching the last few days. The way I understand it, unless the blog you comment on is Comments/Follow the Goggle bots will not follow the link back to it's source. The way I read it those who comment on the blog benefit but the blog does not.

    I've got it bookmarked, here is part of the Blogger HTML code:

    If the "nofollow" is deleted or changed to "follow" then the bots will track the comment.

    I have found several articles on this and I'm still reading up on it. I will send you a link to this article if you like.

    As for deleting comments, I haven't gotten any spam comments in a long time but a troll did stop by the other day, he got deleted. I only moderate after one day.

  5. 1) Somewhat.

    2) No real rules. Only time I generally delete comments (except for spam and vulgarity) is to clean up my "submission" comments page on my giveaway blog.

  6. 1) All I know is that backlink gives you more exposure, and gets your blog out there.

    2) The only obvious comments that I will delete is the ones that have nothing to do with the post. In other words when some one left a one word comment on my food post such as "pretty"!

  7. 1. I honestly don't understand it and dont' even know how to leave links in comments.

    I don't have much rules about commenting on my blog except for spam and I only delete spam.

    I keep hearing about the google rank thing and I'm kinda clueless about it all.

    Right now I returning to write for myself and whoever enjoys it. awesome.

    Off to visit the others.

  8. I actually have no idea about backlinks, but sometimes, I think they help in the traffic, since once I got a backlink from a local news source, and it really spiked my traffic. It is about some local trails here, and actually it remains to be my top post.

    My google PR went down too from 4 to 3 (TJOSL), however, my new blog which is less than 3 months old got a PR 2 now. I am not sure if my PR went down because I am doing more paid post than regular post in my TJOSL? Well, I enjoy doing sponsored posts though, it's one of my motivators :)

  9. This are really good tips in blogging and back linking. We really can find it useful.


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