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Son, oh, my son? Are you reading this? I have great news for you. I just discovered a great hang-out for gamers. You can have real conversations about your Xbox Games, Play Station games, Nintendo Wii, and whatever PC games you are playing on your precious computer. I am not talking about just any regular old conversations, but many times you might be able to read about those tips and tricks to any of your favorite games.

If you want a place to get the latest scoops, ideas and discussions about games, then you need to check out the Game Forums at GamersBin. I did a little browsing around and found a website on the forum where you can sign-up for a free trial. You can play games directly on your browser or download the hottest new PC games, free! I know, I know I am always worried about how much time you spend playing games. But you know, if I can’t get you to stop playing game so much, I might as well help you get to the right places. That way you can’t say that I never supported your hobbies.

Well, I got to run back to the forum, since I have been tracking this thread about a Final Fantasy Vll question. It will definitely help me when we play together next time.
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  1. I have to give it to you since you can play with your son! I don't even know what button to push :-)

    1. It wasn't easy for me in Halo. He still laughs about it to this day. I would aim at the ground to shoot, just because in there, I am color blind!

  2. When I can find a little spare time I like to play games too, I'll check out the site.

    1. Great. Ha, I think most of us would say the same. smiles.


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