Moving Tips by HTGV Designer Lisa Laporta

moving boxes messMoving was the last thing I had for our summer plans, but life is full of surprises. I found myself having to move my mother’s house.
At least the timing is right. The kids are home and schools are out. Summer is the perfect time to move for many reasons, but another one would be that there is more daylight. You probably have already noticed that there are many home sales going on by the amount of Open Home Signs on the streets, that’s because 40 million Americans are expected to move this year.

If you find yourself having to move, before you finalize your plans take a look at the moving tips by Lisa Laporta, the Interior Designer of HGTV.

You know HGTV, right? HTGV is the show about home designs, remodels, flips and tips. The show has everything for the real estate lover. I watched this show religiously and dreamed to make my home a HGTV showcase. Some of my more ambitious dreams would include working with one of the designers and about HTGV picking my house to do a remodeling job. I like to be in control, but to be able to let go of anything means that I completely trust the HGTV designers. The remodeled work I saw on TV are stunning.

Lisa Laporta Offers Moving Tips through a video on CableMover.com. The video helped me realized a few facts about moving. For example, planning ahead is crucial. While plans can always change, having a good idea of your goals will lead to better results. It also help to steer clear of the irrelevant agendas that would waste a lot of time.

If you have moved before, you know that while looking at the obvious moving items, you also need to account for the unsightly items such as component video cables that also take time to move. They are sometimes one of the most important items in a move, such as, television cable, internet hookup and telephone connections. At cablemover.com you can enter all the information regarding your cable, internet, and phone and bundle them into one package and allow cablemovers.com to assist you in moving these electronic services. Moving is an enormous task. There are many things you have to think about, and some things are just better to be handed over to a professional so that you can be great at planning the logistics.

If you have a couple of minutes, click on over to cablemover.com and check out some of the fabulous tips on moving with kids, moving companies, settling after a move, and what is an eco friendly move.

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  1. I found you through the blog hop - good luck with the move, i hope it goes smoothly! I also hope you don't mind a new follower! x

  2. I would like to move in the winter here in Michigan. Summer is perfect, and I like Lisa Laporta's tips and tricks while watching the show!

  3. oh, i hate to think about moving too, it seems stressful, but glad to know about these information to make moving a little bit easier.

  4. Yup, moving is quite stressful to do but looking on the brightside, we meet new friends.

  5. Plan to move should plan ahead of time. Make checklist for the items you bring with you or leave it. Ask help from friends or tips to make your plan easier. Better yet check website for removalist services that can help you with moving up.

    Joseph @ removalist sydney

  6. I would like to move during the cold months season here in Mich. Summer is perfect, and I like Lisa Laporta's tips and techniques while viewing the show!

    AnitaGrace @ Surry hills removalists


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