Men and Trucks

white pick up truck with big wheelsWhat is it with men and trucks? When it was time for SO to trade in his automobile for a new vehicle, he chose a truck. And when we took the truck on a road trip he already has the gps trucker handy.

Even with all the jokes about men and women differences, I still can't believe where a typical man's brain go every day. Leave it up to them and we would have all the important things in life...

Nevertheless, there are many reasons why I have a man around. When it comes to hauling stuff, we are good to go, because he has the truck. And when we are on the road, it helps to have the gps trucker, because he doesn't ask questions.

In the mood for a laugh? Sent by a friend, the eternal question was, "Why do women live longer than men?" The answer is in the photo below.

Men in barber shop

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  1. Sometimes I wish to have a truck to haul things, even though I'm a woman. It comes in handy.

  2. Yes there is just something about men and their trucks.

    Dh wants me to drive our truck, but I'm sure he feels it's his baby and I should take care of it :)

    And that photo is funny!!!


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