For my kids…

Guest post from: Kent Lara

My son had been begging me forever to get cable because all of his friends were always talking about all the great things they saw on MTV and VH1 and all those other networks we didn’t get. My husband really wanted ESPN, too, so finally I relented and went to http://www.Expertsatellite.com where I looked into satellite packages. I got one that works well for our family though I’ve imposed a pretty strict one hour TV limit for everyone in the house (except my husband, of course) on TV watching unless we’re watching a movie as a family or something like that. I really like that we were able to come together on this issue as a family and reach a resolution that works for everyone and I don’t feel like a bad mom because I put some limits on what I was most afraid of. My kids are great children and they deserve a little break sometimes and lord knows my husband should be allowed to watch all the games he wants to whenever he wants!
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