A Dental Visit

Trinity is great about trying different things, but I was prepared to walk out any given moment if the dental appointment didn't work out. Contrary to my worries, she became one of the dentist's favorite patients. She was brave at her first dentist visit even with all the noises from the equipment and the helpless position she had to be in.

Perhaps it was because Trinity sense that her family has a good relationship with the dentist and the dentist's staff. We have the Best Dentist for 16 years. She is like a longtime friend, someone that knows everything about us, yet is distant enough that we can share many other things without feeling awkward.

She runs a schedule that doesn't cut into ours, that means she doesn't double book. Unlike other dentists, she respects our time just as much by taking us in within minutes of our appointment. She works long hours to accommodate her working patient's schedule as well as being available for questions as necessary.

She also shares her own personal stories so we look forward to catching up with her. She has a very calm and approachable demeanor, which makes her easy to talk to. We trust her recommendations of oral surgeons, Periodontist, and other specialists. She knows the types of personalities we look for and what is important to us. It is great to be able to depend on her for general dentistry for as long as we had.

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  1. Awww your little one is braver than I am.

  2. Way to go, Trinity! I'm glad she has a pleasant experience with the dentist.

  3. How special. She is quite remarkable!


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