Addiction to a Glass of Wine

glass of red wineweed flowerThere are different kinds of addiction, like having a glass of wine every evening. The evening just isn’t complete if it wasn’t finished off with a nice glass of red wine. Yes, we have read about it. We even saw a documentary on 60 Minutes about how good red wine is for you. The amount of wine that is good for you is five ounces that amounts to just about a glass a day, one glass for a woman and two glasses for a man. Moderate consumption could help lower your cholesterol and boost your brain power.

Drinking alcohol could turn into an addiction when the tolerance become more aggressive. When drinking more than a glass day isn’t enough to satisfy your nightly routine, it isn’t healthy anymore. And if the increase in alcohol intake became a habit it is time you check into the naltrexone acamprosate campral treatment centers. If the word sound foreign and complicated, Acamprosate, Campral is a drug used for treating alcohol dependency. It could be the best new find to a nightly routine.

weed flower weed flower

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  1. Well, I do enjoy a glass of wine and I will admit to having more than one, on occasion, when having a wonderful meal with family and friends. I love wines of many countries and always try new ones when I travel, having been fortunate to visit many of the great wine regions of the world - France, Italy, Argentina, Australia, Spain. I'm fortunate, now that I've retired, to find some decent wines, even on a limited budget!

  2. Interesting information. I find I am more addicted to beautiful flowers than anything else. These are great shots Amanda.

  3. Stopping by from the Sunny Sunday Hop and following all you links!

    I'm a recovering alchoholic, so your post speaks to me. It started out with one drink, and just kept going up as the amounts I consumed became less adequate to satisfy my needs.

    It's a hard battle, but worth the fight!

  4. I have always had a taste for pink or white wine. I drank very little, but it gave me headaches. Had to give it up. You are correct, taken in a moderate amount, red wine, is definitely good for you.

  5. Alcoholism is a real problem in Sweden, in the city I am in I see drunk people every single time I go outside, the trams reek with winos and I am sad to say 80% plus of people I know could be classified it's that bad.

  6. I wish I could drink, but it doesn't agree with me so I don't.

    Beautiful flower shots..

  7. better late than never..

  8. All things in moderation...

    Thanks for playing 6WS.

  9. I'm not a drinker. I do have a glass (but never more than 1) of wine occasionally. I'm content with that, as I have no inclination to start up a nightly routine. I find a bath very relaxing, but I know some people love their wine.


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