Trade Show Exhibits for Fashion Show Displays

Last year when Dustin directed the Fifth Season Fashion Show for his school, it turned out great. Glamorous and close to professionally directed. However, because the kids had to make a lot of things from scratch, it took away from the uniformity that a printing machine could have produced effortlessly. I am sure he too wished he had the budget to use the professional trade show flooring and items from camelbackdisplays.com. I remember he had to search everywhere for some red carpet and the carpet to re-create a cat-walk aisle. That was by far the most simple yet difficult to find enough of the same material to cover the walk. It would have been simpler to just get some trade show carpet.

I was sitting here thinking that if only I had remembered about this company, he could have saved a lot of time and stress. I believe the kids did everything themselves, from painting the logo backdrop to sewing the canopy together for the sponsors to stand under. Because the logo mats can be printed in different ways, it would still leave a lot of room for Dustin to be creative.
They could have used the logo mats and the logo canopy and save a few weeks of work and frustrations. The logo canopy would have been perfect for the grass area and would have made the whole event so much more festive.
It turned out great, and he made it on the newsletter. See, I am saving this since it is something he can look back on and be proud of. He definitely deserved the applause for his efforts and dedication. It was not easy to direct 30 to 40 teenagers and made them care or practice.
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  1. Yes, I agree! He did a fantastic job, and I'm proud of him too. He deserved applaud..

  2. You must be very proud of him, and his accomplishments! Way to go Dustin!

  3. I would be very proud also. We are limited by funds at time but I am sure he did a super job.

  4. My friend has an art show coming up, and she will need some items like what you've mentioned. I'll direct her to this website. Thanks for the info.


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