gone with a handsomer man

Yes me, well not recently anyways. I disappeared from the cattle field with a handsomer man about 11 years ago. To me, my SO (Significant Other) as you know is like a god sent who happens to be "almost" remarkably perfect so there is no chance he should be so lucky to get rid of me anytime soon.

I know Michael Lee West, the author of Gone With a Handsomer Man by discovering Foodie Friday. I have a passion for cooking (eating) and duplicating what I love to eat (not necessary in this order).

I participated in the Foodie Friday Meme ever since SS (Self Sagacity) was founded with sometimes over the top dishes that I love, for example Mieng Ga, Clear Vermicelli Noodle Soup with Chicken Liver. I love cooking Vietnamese dishes because they are so soothing and light. Usually when I am exhausted the only food I love to sit down to is a bowl of Hot Egg Noodles Seafood Soup with some hot chilli sauce.

I chose the book over a chance to win some awesome kitchen stuff. Ha, mental gifts are so much more satisfying. I was very intrigued by the title, like hot sauce in noodle soup, there is some kick to it and you know it has to be good. By sensing some humor involved, a key element I seek to fill in my life, I didn't want a seriously intense book for fear I might do something drastic with my own life. I fought for time to read the first chapter and couldn't wait to go on to the next to find out what happens to Teeny. But I will tell you, I haven't been able to, so I had to face it, I won't be lounging around to read a book anytime soon. That leads me to the decision not to hold out on the introduction of this wonderful story to you.

If you have time to kick back and read, and I know a lot of you are avid readers. Enjoy the video introduction of Gone with a Handsomer Man below, I am sure you too will be intrigued to find out what happened to Teeny.

And if for some reason you became totally infatuated by Gone With a Handsomer Man for the book cover, the title and the possibility of some laughs, take a sneak peak at the story that comes with a FREE download-able Ebook of Recipes!

Please enjoy this a video trailer of Michael Lee West's newest book below.

Michael Lee West - Author of the following books: Crazy Ladies, She Flew the Coop, American Pie, Consuming Passions, Mad Girls in Love, Mermaids in the Basement Gone With a Handsomer Man This is not a compensated post, but purely for the purpose of sharing precious things in life. 
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  1. She is such an awesome author and blogger with a very pleasant personality.

  2. your post made me laugh, and the title of the book is very intriguing, I love cooking too, and well, eating, and like you, I love duplicating what I found out I like too :)

  3. Choosing a book is always the way to go, just imagine the trip it takes you on, all while your sitting in your comfy armchair, This one looks like a winner will definitely be checking this one out.

  4. That sounds like a nice, light summer read. I love the cover. I love to read but summer is slowing me way down.

  5. you just added some books to my list!

    New follower from the hop!


  6. I hardly ever read anymore. In the hospital, I tried to read the latest "Kay Scarpetta" forensic novel and I managed to get through 200 big print pages - about halfway - and I need to finish it.

    Mostly, I listen to unabrdiged audio CDs when I'm driving. Only problem is, I don't drive so much anymore...since I'm no longer working! I guess I'm at this computer too much.


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