Star Pasta and Ground Beef

Star Pasta with Ground BeefStar Pasta is as fun to make as it is to eat. With simple ingredients and less than thirty minutes process, the Star Pasta are irresistible with just about any kid I know. It always brings a smile to my daughter's face because she loves to help me drop in the Stars and watch them cook. She also loves to lend a helping hand when we drain and rinse the Star Pasta. Digging her little fingers through the thousands of stars is her favorite step of the cooking process. Best yet, I don't even have to convince her about eating them. She can't hardly wait to taste the stars herself, and her plate never makes it to the dinning table.

1 cup cooked Star-shaped Pasta, sometimes known as soup noodles, rinse and patted to dry-off access water.
1/2 pound of ground beef cooked and moderately drained of access oil.
1/2 Medium size yellow onion, but into half inch squares.
Salt and Pepper

After the ground beef has been cooked the access oil has been drained, gently add the yellow onion in and cook until done. Next add the Star Pasta and salt and pepper to taste.

Baby hand digging through star pasta Baby playing with star pasta
Star Pasta with Ground Beef

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  1. oh, love those star pasta on Trinity's cute hands. I have never tried this one, I should.

  2. I bought a box of these star shape pasta and was thinking about making it into salad of some sorts. This sounds better, must try, must try..

  3. Good morning! Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday. This recipe looks yummy too. When I was little, I loved star pasta!! Really the Lentil sloppy joes weren't too hard at all. I used my pampered chef food chopper to chop the vegetables so that took no time at all, then just threw it all in the crockpot!

  4. Home made food is always so much more satisfying to eat..Jojo will love this dish!


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