Ground Shrimp Vegetables Stir Fried

Ground Shrimp Vegetable Stir FriedOne of the ways to make sure that your family is getting the vegetables they need? Use your favorite vegetables and create a Vegetable Stir Fried dish. Add ground shrimp as I did here or your preferred source of protein such as ground beef, pork, or chicken. It is very versatile and tastes wonderfully.

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Let's cook:
Add 1 table spoon of olive oil, minced garlic, and ground shrimp. Cook on medium to high heat, until the shrimp is pink and done. Then slowly add your vegetables starting with the cauliflower, broccoli, and carrot. Cook until your desired softness and serve alone or with rice. Enjoy.
Ground Shrimp and Minced Garlic

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  1. I love stir fried recipes and this would be fantastic with pork as well. I just finished dinner and now I'm hungry again :)

  2. yummy, and i would like to have it with rice :) i love both shrimp and vegetables, and love how the broccoli here looks so crisp green.

  3. Hmm, never thought of grinding shrimp for a stir fry. Looks like a yummy dish.

  4. For me, stir fry is one of the best meals ever invented. I've managed to get all the kids to like it (and this took a lot of hard work - believe me!) but my husband is yet to be convinced.

  5. Shrimp and vegetables, my favorite combination. Delicious and mouthwatering!

  6. Your shrimp and vegetable stir fry looks delicious. I have not used ground protein in a stir fry before, but what a great idea for spreading the flavor and texture around! Yum! Thank you for sharing it with Let's Do Brunch. Hope you will come by and join in again this week. The linky is up now.


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