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The Similarities of White Lily & Daffodil

These two plants have many similarities, yet they look very different. I have both of them in my front yard. The Lily was taken from my mom's garden. She has a few growing on the side of her house, but they are all very small. For some reason, she has been converting the entire side to river rocks instead, and the Lilies are slowly disappearing. Perhaps she doesn't like them.

Last year, seeing that they might become extinct in her yard, I decided to take a few little tiny bulbs home to see if I can grow them. When I say tiny, they were a little smaller than a dime in actual size. They are supposed to be one of the easiest plants to grow and they multiply like weeds.
I never thought about it but looking at the two flowers now, I see some similar characteristics:
They have a calming beauty.
They don't need much maintenance.
They both start as bulbs.
They have white flower petals and yellow in the middle.
They have green stalks all the way to the flower.
Their stalk have no leaf.
They spread quickly.
Can you think of other similarities between these two flowers?

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  1. Learn something new today about cala lily..I didn't know you can grow them outside..

    Beautiful arrangement!

  2. Hi there - thanks for the follow! I'm following back, and I love these pix. Beautiful~

  3. I grew up with lily's like those in my grandfather's garden. I haven't seen them since I've been here in the USA. When I saw your photo, I had a total flash back to my childhood. Thanks SO much for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous photos!
    You have a lovely blog - so happy to have found you!

  5. My MIL grew lots of daffodils, but I don't recall ever seeing a cala lily growing in her yard. I've never compared the two before.

  6. Gorgeous flowers! They look great in that vase.

  7. calla lilies, my fav. pure

  8. lovely photos Amanda, I do not have daffodils at home, but I have lots of calla lily, and well, other colored lilies I do not know the name :( and yes, they are so easy to grow and they are also in our front yard.

  9. Other similarities? They are both beautiful. I had never really though about how similar these two plants were, great info.

  10. Delightful photos! Love how you have a mix of macro and more distant perspectives!

  11. Interesting post. Nice pictures too!

  12. I am always amazed by the flower pictures that you put up on your blog!

  13. I have both of them. I love the arum lily. The only drawback is that you can't allow them to dry out. They need lots of water.

  14. Off hand my first thought of what they have in common is that they both remind us that winter is leaving and spring is here.
    Found you through Meet me Monday and following

  15. Hi!
    Beautiful flowers. Have a great day!

    Food for Thought

  16. They are both beautifully captured by you.

  17. Lovely captures of this flower.

    Happy Macro Monday!

  18. Beautiful photos. Never thought about the similarities of the two. Following you from Meet Me Monday blog hop.

  19. I love cala lilies. They are so pure and pretty. They are also versatile, in that they look good along side any flower.

  20. These flowers are so gorgeous and skillfully arranged!


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