Yellow Tomatoes Green- Bean- Sprouts

My St. Patrick's Day contribution to green is a side dish that's easy to make, tasty and fast. A combination of bean sprouts , green beans and yellow tomatoes. It goes good as a side dish for many meals and another way to eat bean sprouts. I am very keen on eating bean sprouts and I love that it goes so well with any kind of vegetables, and especially in noodle soups, like Pho.

Since I learned that I can just snap the green bean ends off with my hands, I don't mind preparing them anymore. Like this batch, I snapped the ends off while watching a commercial for rifle scope. My aim isn't any good, and I recalled missing the target altogether trying to shoot at the range before. The distance of the rifle also makes the aiming more difficult, I think it's probably one of those things I am just not good at.

We don't get enough tomatoes in our meals and it isn't one of my family's favorites. But I really like the little squash shaped yellow tomatoes. They are amazingly tasty like little fruits.

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  1. I just love your vegetable dish. I would just love to have this for lunch. Thank you for sharing and have a nice day!

  2. I love vegetables, and this dish looks so good that my tummy is being very noisy at the moment!

  3. Me too!! Yum!
    I'm following from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop and would love a follow back ^_^ scathingweekly.blogspot.com Thanks!

  4. This looks wonderful - so colourful and delicious! Also very good for you! I've joined Chaya as co-host of Let's Do Brunch from this week, and I wanted to thank you for linking this beautiful recipe. Have a great weekend!

  5. I like those little yellow tomatoes too, and cherry and grape tomatoes. Yum!


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