Foreclosures and Bank Owned Homes

H is for Homes and Houses and some are even Half!
Real Estate investors! Here is another area to take a peak at if you're interested in finding investments. Home prices in the Dare County, North Carolina, particularly Buxton foreclosures (27920) can be purchased 25% lower than private sales on the average.

You can find bank-owned or distressed properties in the Buxton Foreclosures and Buxton Short Sales searches, narrow your searches to Buxton waterfront to find that water front property you always dreamed of. Buxton is a quiet village on the Outer Banks, most famous for Cape Hatteras Lighthouse and is great for surfing and surf fishing.

Also listed below are some of my recent articles on Foreclosures and Bank Owned homes and areas.

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  1. I'm not sure the American dream of owning a home will be feasible for most in the future.

    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  2. I think the situation is difficult everywhere. Here it's difficult for young couples to be able to afford anything! Hope things return to normal soon.

    ABCW Team

  3. A difficult time, to be sure. Hopefully we're working our way out of trouble now.

  4. Great information for those looking for a home. We looked at some foreclosures when we were house hunting a few years ago.


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