Weekend Wishes & Where to Download Software

Happy Valentine's Weekend! I hope everyone has a beautiful weekend with lots of loving from your family and friends.

Do you have a safe place on the internet to find and download software? I don't need to tell you that it is a good practice to use a site, such as Euii Technology Limited that is trusted and safe, because if you don’t some searched links could be infectious. A bad link will infect your entire computer drive, and disable it. When this happens, shut down your computer right away.

Before I knew about Euii Technology Limited, the infectious virus attack happened to me more than once. The most recent incident was while searching for iphone 4 cases, I clicked on a bad link unknowingly. I recovered my computer by locating the new file and deleted it completely from my computer hard drive. Sometimes they are tricky with the file name so that you won’t be able to recognize it right away. If this is the case, you need to go by dates of the downloads and find the file this way.

If you need a trusted site to use for downloading software such as password recovery, or DVD, CD repairs, recovering lost data, go to Euii Technology Limited. The software are important to have in case you do need to recover data on a bad disk, or when you have forgotten or lost your passwords.

Thanks for stopping by today.
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  1. It's good to know about the software, and your flowers are beautiful..

  2. Your photos are so lovely.

    I am always afraid to download software over the internet unless I really know the site. I hardly ever do it, though.

  3. Oh I love LOVE! Particularly when it is pink.

    Happy hearts day to you and yours.

  4. Yes. This is definitely a worthwhile endeavour. There's little worse (for a blogger/writer) to lose your stuff, contacts etc.
    Happy weekend too. Although most of it it pretty much gone. :-)

  5. Lots of family loving this past week end... Hope yours was loving too.


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