Orange Dog Rescues Pups to New Homes

Orange Dog online store is a Dog Shop for Accessories & Gifts. If you have dog pets, please check out the Orange Dog online store. Take a look at the cute dog vests. Most of the items are orange because orange is the official color of the dog rescue.

I don't see many dogs wandering about my neighborhood, but I often wondered. Since there have to be many dog owners who have lost their jobs and can not afford to care for their dogs or pets anymore. Where do these dogs go?

Well, the answer has landed on my computer today when I found out about the Orange Dog online store. The Orange Dog online store is a charity that rescues dogs from California that cannot be cared for or sold because of the recession. This charity funds the flights to bring the dogs to Canada so that they can be sold to new owners.

The flights are call “Freedom Flights”, and it basically transfers the dogs that are not sold in California to other places like Canada. On February 11, 2011, 60 California dogs are being flown to Edmonton Humane Society...click the link to read more about this Newshound.

I am happy to know about this charity as it is a very humane thing to do. It also takes a lot of time and effort to raise money, and to coordinate all these flights as well as the places where these dogs might be able to find new homes.

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  1. Awesome orange dog shirt! It would be cute to see it on the dog..

  2. For some reason, this orange I like very much too.

  3. That sounds like a really good cause, there are so many animals in need because of the recession. The little orange vest is so cute.

  4. That looks very nice, and I can imagine it on a pup!


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