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Key Requirements for Higher Google Page Rank

Since readers have continued to be curious about Google Page Rank (GPR), I decided to take up an assignment for myself and write GPR Part I...

Self Sagacity 500th Google Friend Follow

I wanted to take this time to realize an accomplishment, just a little one. Whether it is fake or real, it was not easy to do. If you think about how much time goes in to visiting blogs, following them and leaving comments, it is a huge accomplishment. But if you are just pure popular, it is a piece of cake to get followers.

Today, I am recognizing the little hurdle that Self Sagacity jumped over, and am looking forward to build upon this number. Yes, the sky is the limit - perhaps 1,000 Google Friend Follows? The biggest Google Friend Follow I have seen was Blogger Buzz with 64,395 as I am writing this. Yes, they are very popular.

It is totally alright, I am blogging for the sake of mental health right?

...Meet my 500th follower below "Take It From Me" moms and thanks for visiting today.

"Our blog is Take It From Me! We are three stay-at-home moms who thrive on finding the best products for our families. We love sharing our experiences with other moms like us and that's how our blog came to be! Every Wednesday we have a super fun blog hop called "Welcome Wednesday." We get to meet new people and learn new things from others, so if you are not familiar with our blog hop you really need to stop by. If you have a blog of your own, you might also be featured as one of our spotlights! We hope you enjoy our reviews and giveaways!"

Jaime, Kristin, Melissa

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  1. Congratulation! It's lots of work, and time..I know!

  2. Congratulation on having 500 followers. Wow!! I have no idea how many bloggers follow me.

  3. Congratulations, that is a huge milestone. It does take a lot of effort and hard work but you did it. There will be many more followers to come.

  4. You have a wonderful blog and it doesn't surprise me that 500 people follow you!

  5. That is definitely an accomplishment.

    Congratulations woman! :)

  6. @★Mumsy★Well if you don't know I don't know who would! It is and it is exciting too

  7. @KalaI think you have to put a follower button on your blog ;-)

  8. @SquirrelQueenI hope so, remember the next mile stone is 1000! Thanks!

  9. @RNSANEIt's a great feeling to reach some of these goals. It's all about the trades. :-)

  10. @JamericanSpiceWell coming from a blog with 700 something followers, I will take it.

  11. Whoo-hoo, 500 Followers! Way-to-go, Self-Sagacity! Maybe one day, I will reach such an impressive milestone.

    Click over to my blog!

  12. Blogging IS time consuming. I love it though! Congrats!!

  13. I don't know how bigger is importance of this thing but all I know is I have rank 2.


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