Happy Birthday Dustin! The Firework Baby

Once upon a time, I received one of the best gifts in my life. A baby arrived New Year's day and joined me in my life journey. I named him Dustin. Ever since then my New Years have always been dedicated to spending time with my son Dustin and celebrating his Birthdays. My Firework Baby.

There isn't a better song to dedicate to Dustin this year than Firework by Katy Perry.

"You just gotta ignite the light and let it shine.
Just own the night like the Fourth of July.
Cause baby you are firework.
Come on show em what you got."

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  1. Happy Birthday, dustin...

    what a heart warming post.

  2. Happy Birthday, Dustin, and many more happy years to come..

    Yummy looking cake!

  3. I hope Dustin had a wonderful birthday. Happy Pink Saturday. Blessings...Mary

  4. Happy New Year and Happy Birthday to Dustin!
    I already follow your blog and I believe also on Facebook..

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUR BABY BOY! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU ALL. Thanks for stopping by and the linky is now there. Sorry about that! hugs!

  6. What a great New Years present.
    Happy B-day Dustin!
    My first katy Perry song. Where have i been!!!
    Good one, I like it!

  7. Happy fireworks birthday to Dustin!

    Fitting song :)

    Happy new Year to you too.

  8. My first Katy Perry song too Peggy! Love the lyrics!!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Dustin!!!
    Thanks for the song, enjoyed it!

  9. Happy Birthday, Dustin!

    Lol, we think alike this week. I picked this song as well.

  10. Perfect choice for your Fireworks son! Happy Birthday (a bit late) Dustin!

  11. Happy Birthday Dustin!
    You picked a perfect song to celebrate.


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