Types of Holsters | Thursday Two Questions #14

Thursday Two QuestionsI haven't thought about whether to carry a gun or not. But now that this subject came up, I looked around online to see the different holsters available. There are top brands as well as discounted holsters to choose from. I like the waist belt, but will take a look at the concealed carry too. OpticsPlanet is a great the place to find concealed carry, open carry or competition holsters. Once I make up my mind, it will be much of a relief.

Thursday Two Questions #14
1) Without getting too personal. Do you feel having a gun a is a security measurement, or is it more a hazardous weapon?
2) Where do you think is the best place to keep a gun? Some say in the car, because this is when you will see strangers most. Some say in the house, because a lot of tragedy happens inside the home. What do you say?

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  1. A few years back, the local Correctional Center (jail)got the entire neighborhood together to teach us about owning and using a weapon. They spent the first three hours teaching us all the reasons NOT to shoot a gun, and then one hour in the shooting range learning how to do so. I was never so scared in my life. Shooting a gun and HITTING YOUR TARGET is very difficult, and there are many things that can go wrong (like hitting something or someone that ISN'T your target. I prefer using wasp or pepper spray to defend myself in case of a break-in or an attack. If you're going to own or carry a gun, you better know how to use it!

  2. 1) if i decide to buy a gun, i will make sure that i know how and when to use it. when you're living in an unsafe environment, having a gun is somewhat reassuring.

    2) it should be kept at home if it's for home security, in a place that is not accessible to children. if it's for personal protection, then it should be in the car.

  3. I'm not a fan of gun in any mean, and I would be a nervous wreck if there is one in the house!

  4. Owning a gun is a security measure. Once the flaming liberals realize it isn't the criminal who wishes to obey the law, but it's the good guys who always abide peacefully and want the freedom to be able to protect their families from harm all the better. Of course, this will never happen because their brain is tuned to their own agenda. However, guns in the hand of a responsible individuals are not hazardous. These people always educate their families how to handle with care and safety of a firearm properly, which lead to fewer incidents of accidents.

    Personally, I like keeping a gun in the home and the car, if possible. This way you have two of the prime places armed against any intrusions. Incidentally, there are more non-gun related accidents in the home than anything else.

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  5. Personally, I think having a gun is the most dangerous thing anybody can own. And there is no best place for it. When I feel threatened, I call the police/village security and I pray. It works all the time.

    I am sure that if I have a gun, I will be forced to use it. I always call people's attention (littering, dogs without leash, etc.) and I get into arguments a lot which allows me to practice calm dialogue most times.

    To protect your home and yourself, circle it with healing light.

  6. @Margaret DuarteI think you are right. Shooting a gun isn't easy and hitting the target is even more difficult. Before owning one, one should know how to use it.

  7. @Luna MirandaYou know it is probably the better weapon to me than a knife. If I have to protect myself, I would rather that I don't have to come close to the person to hurt them.
    The scary thing about having a gun at home is the children.

  8. @♥-Icy BC-♥Yes, I would be too, if I don't know how to use it, when I do, I think I would feel better having it.

  9. 1. I think if more responsible people have guns, crime will be less. No criminal want to risk being shot. The criminals always attack people they deem as vulnerable.

    So if a person is trained how to use a gun and is not a criminal, then yes having a gun is a security measure. Of course any of us has that possibility of becoming a criminal.......

    2. I would carry my on on me, in my car, and keep it in the house. I just think that we have to ensure to have safety measures so families with very curious children wont have life regrets.

    Oh it's such a discussion.

    Happy holidays :)

  10. Because I worked in the prison I had target practice annually but would not want to have a gun in my home. Too many times the wrong person has been hurt or killed.

  11. I've never felt the need to carry a gun either on my person or in my car. I try to avoid places where I might get into a dangerous situation. To me an alert attitude is the best protection.

    If one feels the need for a gun I would say at home in a secure location away from children is the best.

    The most important thing, like others have said, is to know how to use it correctly. I have never fired a handgun but I have fired rifles and shotguns (at target ranges) and I am comfortable with using both.


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