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Many of us know store brands are often equivalent to name brands merchandise, but are we really convinced to choose the store brands over the name brands if given a split second to decide?

Today I will shed some light on when and why we should choose store brands. First, read the label, if you see lesser nutrients on the name brand compared to the store brand product, that should be a good indication. For example, all baby formula marketed in the U.S. must meet the same FDA approved nutrient specifications to fulfill the needs of infants

Second, the price. Most of the time, the store brands are cheaper, and they are cheaper because there are not wasted revenue and energy. Store brands don't give out freebies, there is no expensive marketing campaign, no free coupons, and no one standing in the mall to give out free samples. All of these exciting freebies end up costing the consumers more, that’s you and me who are paying the higher prices for the name brands.

Third, when you read articles like the store brand formula on the Examiner. It should teach you to question what you are used to and perhaps alter your thinking process some what.

Similac for example, is a trusted brand for babies for many years, so trusted that I used it for Trinity. I never question it. After all, I used it for Dustin and MattLove as well!

Similac has just been recalled for the beetles found in the powder, especially in the plastic containers! The newly designed containers were the selling point for SO and me.

Check the labels, no matter how much in a hurry I am now, I always push for a second or two to glance at the labels and compare to the store brand.

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  1. Great tip! I always do this. There are only a certain few items that I will only buy name brand, just b/c I like the product. But I'm all about saving a dime.

  2. I actually buy a lot of store brands. Most are just as good as the name brands and cost less. I always read labels on everything I buy.

  3. @Tammy @BeatriceBanksI have to admit, I have been doing more checking ever since this article.

  4. @SquirrelQueenIt's hard to get over the label sometimes, but yes, you're definitely right about store brands being just as comparable.


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