DIY LEGO ornaments

Guest post written by Marty Higgins

Playing with LEGOS used to be my son's favorite thing to do, but now he's grown up a little bit and is more interested in baseball and girls. That leaves little to no time for building blocks, apparently. I would actually have fun playing with LEGOS with him. Of course I had fun just playing with my son, but I just enjoyed the LEGOS party too.

Well, I thought that maybe we could have a little fun and put all those LEGOS that never get used to use again by making some Christmas tree ornaments with them. I went online to try and find some easy directions on how to make some and ended up running across a website with satellite internet packages. After reading through it, I decided to click here and order one of them for our home.

I found quite a few different ways to make a DIY LEGO ornament and we made about four or five, which is only about as much that his old collection of LEGOS would let us make.
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  1. My children used to love their lego toys but I don't seem to see them as much any more.


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