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Buy two Bahati Beanie Baby Elephants and GET ONE FREE!

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Buy two Floral Petal Nipple covers and GET ONE FREE!
This reusable silicone nipple covers conceals the nipple and contours to the breast. Perfect for wearing under t-shirt, sweater, sheer bras, and bathing suits. Save on shipping for your purchase of the floral petal silicone gel nipple covers and go bra-less. Available in nude. One pair per package.
2.5” Diameter – 6.5 Centimeters Directions:
· Peel the plastic off the nipple cover. Retain the plastics for further storage.
· Carefully position the nipple cover and gently press on the dry clean skin.
· Clean with mild soap and water after each use. Allow to air dry before storage.
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  1. I have quite an elephant collection..did have a Beanie Baby elephant but I don't know what happened to it. No more for me, though, and you know with my move, I'm not buying anything else...not even those boobie things...though that is a terrific idea. My girlfriend always used to put tape over her nipples. It worked but "ouch" when she pulled it off!

  2. I've always wondered what to do with my pointies.
    I love this idea. I didn't even know they sold such things for the twins!

    Thanks for sharing.

  3. @RNSANE What women would do for beauty. I never knew what to do with the twins, as Jamerican Spice calls them, when I had to wear one of those hard to understand tank tops or dresses until I found the nipple covers. They are excellent for any type of tops.

  4. @JamericanSpiceYes. It is a wonderful invention, and I embrace it wholeheartedly. It doesn't hurt either. Smiles.

  5. I love Jamerican Spice's terms, pointies and twins. Those are a great idea especially for the summer when everything seems to be so sheer.


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