Come As You Are

Do you wear glasses? I remember it was painful when I found out I needed glasses to see long distance better. Back then the choice for glasses was limited. Now glasses can be a fashionable accessory, and since then I also learned to "Come As You Are", and not worry so much about what others think. Once you get to a certain age, it is inevitable that you will need reading glasses, and for some very cautious folks a vital signs monitor.

If you are having a hard time choosing the right frame, no worries, just up load your picture to the site and start your virtual try-on frames with your own photo online. Choose the frame or frames that would look best with your facial shape. Try it, you might be very surprise at what you can get for the price and convenient. I have been fascinated with the rimless frames like the ones pictured below.

Best of all, you don't have to pay full price for glasses anymore if you have your measurements. Recently, the price starting at $8.00 has been lowered to $6.95, so go ahead and check out the site for yourself.
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  1. Good to know! My whole family is wearing glasses, and they're quite expensive to get..

  2. I'm a glasses wearer. Frankly, I don't see why people mind so much about wearing them. They're great accessories!
    Going away for a week or so. See you when I get back.

  3. I don't think glasses can make one look bad.....infact people wear it for a geeky look! :)

  4. Thanks for signing up with us today and mentioning us. Hope to see you next week too. I'm your latest follower. That's Kirk Coban right? I've heard this song before. Very cool.

  5. Yay So glad you are joining with us! Whooo.

    Oy don't let me get into wearing glasses. I've been wearing them since they looked like fishtanks. yes someone once called me a fishtank. Still hurts today :) but I'm now not caring much what anyone thinks about my specs.

    Love this song choice!

    Have a joyful week! :)

  6. Okay, you wrote this for me, right? I mean, like a textbook case, I turned 40 and my vision changed...keeps changing!
    Great tip...thank you;)

  7. Zenni Optical prices are very good. I like the frame you chose:)

  8. Whoa! those guys are cute! As I once thought wearing glasses was. An aunt is an optometrist and as a kid I used to enjoy admiring those countless different frames on display at her clinic deciding which to choose the moment I was told I needed glasses :D

  9. Lucky me, I no longer need prescription lens as my eyes corrected themselves. Now I need readers and can get them for $1.:-)

  10. I do wear glasses... for reading. I wish I don't have to but I have no choice.


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