Aspen Skiing Anyone?

I recall all the traveling we used to do. We were much more mobile and always making plans to go out of town, whether it be skiing and staying at one of our favorite Aspen Vacation Rentals, or swimming in the warm water in Puerto Rico. Somehow the trips were part of life. Now, for us to go anywhere, we have to wreck our brains making plans, and find a day where all the stars aligned just right.

I was happy to hear that MattLove wanted to learn how to snowboard, I couldn't wait to research for a snow trip. We can hook up with another family and choose one of those Aspen rentals with five bedroom 4500 sqft home for a few days. It is an awesome way to spend quality time together. As we found out, unless we go away, it is very hard to slowdown and just enjoy each other.

When you are away in those Aspen home rentals the to do list would just have to wait. The kids are growing up so fast and we just have so much responsibilities. Imagine I kept thinking it will get easier in time. I really did. Knowing this we have to be a lot more conscientious of how we spend our time. In a blink of an eye, MattLove will be the next one to college. That sounds really scary!
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  1. That does sound like a fun way to spend a vacation.

  2. Hmmmm... who would need aspen when I am here in Maine? my backyard turns into one huge ski resort over the winter. but still, it would be nice to go to Aspen for the luxury accommodation. wink*


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