Home Remodeling with Stainless Steel Accessories

stainless steel fireplace accessoriesIn my Home Improvement With Best Returns article, I mentioned that stainless steel is a smart investment when it comes to updating your home. It cleanses easily and matches well with most deco.

I now learned that the stainless steel fireplace accessories not only looks wonderful, it contains a chemical that self-heals when scratched, and best of all, the stainless steel fireplace accessories are 100% recyclable.

We are talking about many advantages, and the ones I am very impressed with are self-healing and recyclable. As much as we like to change styles now and then, we are also leaning more towards the quality and durability lately. The sleek look of the stainless steel products is very appealing, plus it being durable makes it economical. We would like to not worry about recent updates for another twenty years. We are learning something new every day and knowledge is power to help us make more informed decisions.

stainless steel accessoriesAs you know we are doing a little remodeling work in our downstairs bathroom. One of the things we are being careful in replacing are fixtures that wouldn't rust, as all the current light fixtures have rusted terribly due to the humidity from the showers. The toilet paper holder, for example, is an item I noted that has rusted on the edges where it is exposed. It is most likely that I will be replacing the current one with a stainless steel toilet paper holder Home remodeling is one project that could lead to many other projects.

*Images credits of thestainlesssteelstore.com
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  1. my hubby is a carpenter so i am pretty much living with a handyman. we have lots of things to fix in the house, the only problem is he has no time and when he got the time he is lazy to do them because he said... he doesn't get paid for doing them. hahahaha that is why i threaten him that i will hire somebody to fix the problem and will get it from his paycheck.

  2. Remodeling is so fun and improves your mood.

  3. I really like the look of stainless steel. We are getting ready to remodel our guest bathroom and I'm thinking of stainless steel for towel racks and tissue holder.

  4. @Ruthi time is what we don't have either. It's fantastic to be able to update your house yourself. Isn't his checkbook yours? :-)

  5. @Katerina Remodeling does make me feel great, I like that I am making improvements that I can benefit everyday.

  6. @SquirrelQueen Stainless steel is good for areas like the bathroom, where there is a lot of moisture.

  7. it feels great to be able to do the remodeling yourself, like you, time is also what we do not have :( so we take it slow :)

  8. I love the clean lines of stainless steel and the shine. My husband is less handy around the house than I am and now that I blog I have less time...:-)


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