Going at Its Finest!

I appreciate the guest post, Lindsay Valdez

It may be Saturday, but no snooze button needed thank you, in fact, I woke up early. Its cool outside, probably right around sixty degrees with a little overcast, perfect. My buddies and I are heading to Pinehurst today to pay homage to one golf's meccas. I am up particularly early since I am the designated driver.

Becky, my lovely bride, is not anti-golf and she has gone out with me on a few occasions, but for her to be up at six AM on a Saturday morning, 'Once in a Lifetime Savings' rather than 'Nine AM Tee Time at Pinehurst' provides the motivation. Since it could be a while before her or the kids are rejoining the world, I make sure the Adt home alarm near new orleans is set on my way out.

Even in the dark, the reflection off thegolf bags sitting in the driveways, makes it easy to know when to stop. We all live on the south side of Raleigh, which makes the trip about an hour and a half. The trip itself is a quiet, scenic drive down highway one, through the sand hills and the long leaf pines.

If you love golf, you have to go. This may not be heaven, but I can see it from here.
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  1. My husband plays enough golf for both of us. It's nice that he (your guest writer) sets the alarm before leaving.

  2. Although there is a golf course a couple of miles away neither my hubby nor I care for the game. I would rather spend time hiking. Nice guest article however.


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