Adventures at Grandma's Farm

Don't these pictures look like the ideal vacation? Just kick back with the slow pace of the country and let nature smooth out the kinks. The small photo on the left is a sneak-peak at Miss Trinity's adventure to see the cows.
Trinity is a little girl who is game for anything, she will go in the cage with the cows. Hang with the big kids, and sometimes don't realize her limitations as a three-year-old. She has no fear of most anything, so adventurous is her nick name.

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  1. That looks like fun..When my kids were little, I kind of scare to see them getting so close to animals.

  2. IS that the back of your husband? He looks really fit! Hot much??? woohoo!!!! Show him to us girl!!!! hehehehehe ;)

    I'm glad that you're having a lovely day, every day, with your beautiful little Trinity! ♥

  3. Lovely photos! Looks like a great day out! Can always use those laid back kind trips! Enjoy your week!


  4. it is to have no fear sometimes that we can do many more things, but then again, its good to have it too to keep us safe :)

    it's great to just slow down sometimes with family.

  5. I agree Mumsy, sometimes she scares me how she just reaches out her little tiny hands to feed the animals. Granted some of them are used to it, some might be coming up with some sudden madness...the thought is frightening.
    Charity, that is the back of my hubby. He has a great backside doesn't he? I am not sure he is ready for the front exposure yet.
    Sylvia, lay back and relax is my goal everyday...haha
    Betchai, fear could be good yes, especially when you are with conservative parents. I think she is getting to realize fear the older she gets.

  6. So exciting. I love farm there are lots of fun things to do there. I prefer farm visit than city strolling.

  7. Girl, I don't blame you for hiding him. I would want to keep him for myself too. lol

    My grandparents had a farm and we had many wonderful summers there. I'm glad Miss T got to go!

  8. oh, that looks like so much fun!
    i would like to take my son to a farm around here...

  9. @Judy Sheldon-Walker Trinity still asks to go to grandma's farm today. It's so sweet. I love when she can remember and takes a liking to goodness.

  10. @~ Noelle Yes, you should. We have a Zoo that we always like to go to, but it's not like Grandma's farm, but Trinity loves animals.


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