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United, US Airway Terrible Service -Our Departure From SJC

This was the start of our trip to Michigan. Yup, I am usually the after the facts reporter. I haven't learned to be the mobile blogger, to take photos on my phone and posting them via mobile blogger. I have to think about what I want to do with the photos before I am okay with posting them on Self Sagacity. I am only a week behind, but I promise the descriptions would be much better than if I were to just throw them up. Honestly, even if I wanted to just throw them up on the site, I couldn't. I have a little boss lady, she is in the pictures here, who dictates what I do with my time.
I was very disappointed with the service we received at the check-in desks both at United and US Airways. I felt like the clerks were very rude, very unconcern about what the customers have to say. I was shocked, I don't remember being treated this badly, or coldly on my last trip, which was not with these airlines.

To the contrary, the flight attendants on both airlines were all very sweet and tried to be accommodating. But after the desk clerks have already did their number on me, in other words: made me mad, I was hesitant about letting them know of my needs. I was also very offended that the women at the desks gave big __ss smiles and were overly joyous in helping the "men" who came up to them. What's with these clerks? Single, bothered and looking? Gees, find another pick-up outlet will you? I have several assumptions as to why the desk clerks were such jerks when the flight attendants were the sweetest things, but let's hear it from you guys first.
Even though we were treated like third class citizens - is there such a thing- we were still very excited and happy to be on our way to visit our families...

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  1. It's sad how little common courtesy cost but how some will not spend the time to provide it. It's hard not to be offended and annoyed, but pass it off as their ignorance and loss. I'm glad you got to make the trip and are home safe and sound.

  2. love your pictures, I too don't know how to use mobile blogger :) so you are not alone. Am sorry to hear about how the desk clerk treated you, somehow there are some of them that can make us feel 3rd class sometimes :( and I hated them too.

  3. I think service from the airlines is almost nonexistent anymore. I try to smile and be pleasant but it is usually to no avail. When I went to Europe in October last year for my 65th birthday, I used up my frequent flyer miles to fly business class over on KLM, returning business class on Air Force. That was the experience of a life time. KLM was better which I didn't know but there were no return FF seats with them. I am so glad there were none on Delta. Delta's business did not have fully reclining seats as both my other carriers did. Food, wine and service were indescribeable and, of course, nothing has compared since.

    Have a wonderful vacation, Amanda.

  4. Courtesy is going out the door with the humanity of everyday life.

    Glad you reached your destination safely.

    Cute boss :)

  5. Don't get me started on airlines. They take you for as much as they can, but they don't want to know you if anything happens and you need a refund or something else back from them.
    You kids are very beautiful. I take it the young man is your son?

  6. Service people nowadays are rude every where. Sorry they gave you such a bad treatment..

    Wonderful pictures though!

  7. @Judy Sheldon-Walker It was as if they were talking down at something very minute, which was uncalled for. Absolutely ridiculous that they can still hold the job.

  8. @betchai Ah, it is what it is, and I just feel they did not have any reason to behave and favor certain people.

  9. @RNSANE Carmen, I think that is the secret, you have to travel First class to be treated first class. They do seem to cater to business men. But I tell ya, we paid more than enough for our tickets with four seats.

  10. @JamericanSpice I am still having a lot of luck and help at other types of services. But United and US Airways have got to step up with their manners!

  11. @Anne Lyken-Garner You hit it right on Anne. We paid very good money for four tickets. We booked it on short notice because of the funeral, and believe me, for what I paid, I felt like I paid to get humiliated.

  12. @Mumsy How much money is enough for them to treat you well? It all comes down to money Mumsy. I think that they were friendlier to the business men because they know not to piss off anyone from a corporation, and if the corporations don't use them they will hear about it a lot louder!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and commenting everyone, I appreciate your input.

  14. Several years ago I flew United for the last time. Prior to that flight I'd had lost and ruined bags EVERY time I flew with them - which wasn't often, but come on! Right? The last flight, the rudeness was too much. I don't care AT ALL ABOUT PRICE, I won't fly with them no matter what. Why do they behave this way? I'm stumped. I would think job security would be reason enough for courtesy.


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