How to Create a Favicon for Bloggers in Mozilla Firefox

I promised myself not to get into the blogging Tech-tips, because there are many awesome sites and gurus writing about them already, but I can't help it. I recently added a Favicon for Self Sagacity and so excited that I had to share with you.

The word "Favicon" comes from Internet Explorer's "Favorite" and the word "icon", when combined, they become "Favicon." Pretty neat, yes? However, even though the word Favorites is from Internet Explorer, I am only able to see my Favicon on Mozilla Firefox.

Here are the brief instructions:
1) Select a picture that best represents you, or your site. Make sure the image has great resolution even if it's really tiny.

2) Upload it to FaviconGenerator.com to create your Favicon file, the image is 16×16px with a .ico file extension.

3) Upload the file to your favorite image storage. I use Photobucket because it automatically generates the html code and direct link. Copy the code of your image.

4) Go to your blogger account and click to edit html, look for

5) Paste the code:

6) Don't forget to substitute YOUR FAVICON HTML CODE where the red letters are: YOUR FAVICON URL on both lines.

7) Save the template and refresh your browser- Mozilla Firefox, if you're able to see your Favicon then congratulations, you did it! If not, go back and make sure you have followed all the steps correctly and try again. If you're interested in having it work with other browsers, you will need to do more research. This tutorial is for Mozilla Firefox. Go ahead and give it a try, it's shouldn't be too painful.

The picture above shows Self Sagacity Favicons on the address bar as well as on the individual tabs. If you're addicted to tweaking and enhancing your site, check-out Reach Beyond Limits, for many other blogging tips and ideas.


  1. Splendid! I've always wondered how to do that.
    Thanks for the info.

  2. It had not even crossed my mind, but now I'm interested. Thanks!

  3. Great tip, and wonderful tip to share, sis. Now, I need to make time to do this..

  4. @Anne Lyken-Garner I learned the Recent Posts the Blogger friendly way from you Anne. It's fantastic that I could share something you haven't already experienced.

  5. @Judy Sheldon-Walker I am curious to see what will show for your favicon, Judy.

  6. @Icy BC Are you joking me, you probably already know about it, just again, no time to spare....

  7. Must try, must try this to replace the "B" letter for my blog. Thanks!

  8. I've recently changed from windows internet explorer to this Mozilla Firefox. I need to know when I've found the sight i like on the net, i used to add to favorites, then send icon to desktop. how do i do this with Mozilla?


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